Kida Nedakh

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Name: Kidagakash Nedakh
Occupation: Princess
Title/Rank: Princess
Location: Atlantis
Status: Alive
Relationships: Kashakim Nedakh(father), Milo Thatch (love interest/husband), Unnamed mother, Lyle Rourke (enemy)
Fandom: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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Kida is the deuteragonist in the Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.



  • Due to seeing a lot of fandom negativity towards Kida, the Kidagakash Fans Unite community was created by a fan named Lisa a few months after the film's release.
  • Fans have often commented on Disney omitting Kida from "Disney Princesses" content, despite her literally being the daughter of a king and queen.
  • Fans have complained that Kida appears to be written less intelligently in the direct-to-video sequel movie Atlantis: Milo's Return than she was in the original.


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