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Name: Kidagakash Fans Unite
Date(s): 2001 - present
Founder(s): Lisa (Kidagakash85)
Fandom: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
URL: (old domain) (old location)
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Kidagakash Fans Unite (KFU for short) is a forum-group for fans of Kida Nedakh or Atlantis: The Lost Empire in general. The community began on Yahoo! Clubs, but after the format change to Yahoo! Groups, it was moved to a forum on, and then later to a personally hosted domain.[1]

KFU was started in fall 2001[2] by Lisa, the fan behind Atlantis 12345, due to perceived fandom negativity toward Kida:

Surprisingly, though Kida is inarguably the best character in the whole movie (*dodges tomatoes thrown by the naysayers), when I started this site, nobody liked her. The biggest A:TLE fansite on the web after Tenth Planet Art's was Milo's Gals, a.k.a. "Milo Thatch, Our Hero." Needless to say, the rabid Milo fangirls wanted him to themselves and wished death upon Kida and any others who opposed them. Animated Heroines went for months with pages dedicated to Helga and Audrey but no Kida, and when they did list her they toted her as being the least interesting female character in the movie. Scads of Audrey fansites existed, and there were even a bunch of Helga sites (although most of them eventually closed). Fanlistings hadn't even been in existence for a year at the time, so not a lot of people knew about those. There was no Kida to be found except on my site, and I was revolted.

I was expressing my disgust to my friend Julie when she suggested I create a Yahoo Club so that fans of Kida could post about their love for the Princess. I happily complied, and Kidagakash Fans Unite (KFU for short) was born![3]


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