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Name: Atlantis 12345
Owner/Maintainer: Lisa
Dates: July 25, 2001 - 2011 (last update)
Fandom: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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Atlantis 12345 is an Atlantis: The Lost Empire fansite run by Lisa. It includes fanart, links to fanfiction, character profiles, and a few commentary articles: "Is Helga Really Dead?", "Is Helga a Heroine or a Villainess?", and "Atlantis II: An Illustrated Review".

It is perhaps the longest-running ATLE fansite, besides messageboards.


The site was initially opened on July 25, 2001, at[1] The reason for this name was given by Lisa:
...when I tried to register a name for my site on Homestead, I discovered all the good names ("Atlantis," "Lost Empire," etc) had been taken. After 6 or 7 times of "this username has already been chosen by someone else," I angrily typed in "atlantis12345," more out of spite than seriousness. And, hey, it went through! So the site was I couldn't think of a unique title for my site ("Atlantea" had already been snatched, curse it all), and somehow the name "Atlantis 12345" just took off and I was stuck with it. I still refer to the site that way so people realize that it's the same site even though it's moved and gone down about 3 times (and now looks completely different).[2]

After Homestead started charging for webhosting, Lisa's mother graciously paid for it for a while, but their annual price hikes got to be too much, so Lisa decided to learn HTML and get her own domain to host Atlantis 12345. The new site at opened on April 4, 2004, "looking just about identical to how it was on Homestead with a bit of added content."[2]

In December 2004 the site was defaced by the "NeverEverNoSanity" worm. Lisa had to re-upload the site content, and took the opportunity to "clean up some of my revolting HTML".[2]

In May through July 2005, there were various issues and downtime due to issues with the hosting company, Cyberpixels. The site re-emerged with a new design on January 6, 2006, after nearly six months of downtime. Three weeks later though, the site went down again and Lisa eventually ditched Cyberpixels for a new webhost in May 2006, changing Atlantis 12345's URL to


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