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Name: Pocahontas
Occupation: Peacekeeper
Corn Cultivator
Relationships: Chief Powhatan (father); Nonoma Winanuske (mother, deceased); Nakoma (best friend); Grandmother Willow (mentor); Meeko (animal friend); Flit (animal friend); Percy (animal friend); John Smith (first love); John Rolfe (true love/future husband); Ratcliffe (enemy)
Fandom: Pocahontas
Other: Voiced by Irene Bedard, Singing voice by Judy Kuhn
"illustration of Pocahontas with the wind swirling around her"
Colors of the Wind by MisSYosHi (2007)
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Pocahontas is the title character of Disney's film Pocahontas and its direct-to-video sequel Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. Her character is loosely based on a real figure from early American history. She is the 7th official Disney Princess.


Pocahontas is the daughter of Chief Powhatan. When white settlers come looking for gold, she falls for John Smith. Things go wrong when he is captured and sentenced to death by her father. Pocahontas brings peace between the two different cultures by stopping the execution in the nick of time. But when the villain Ratcliffe makes to kill her father with a rifle, John Smith is severely wounded pushing the Chief Powhatan out of the way. As a result, he must return to London for treatment or die.

Some time later, Pocahontas hears that John Smith is dead. She mourns him for a few years until an English diplomat, John Rolfe, comes to bring her father to London for a peace negotiation with King James. Pocahontas offers to go in her father's place. On their London adventure, Pocahontas and John Rolfe learn respect for each other.

John Smith reappears to help John Rolfe rescue her from the Tower of London after King James has her arrested. She is shocked to learn that he is alive. He wants to rekindle his romance with Pocahontas, but all she can think about is the armada setting sail to eradicate her people. John Smith does not want Pocahontas to risk her life, but John Rolfe encourages her to follow her heart. Ultimately, they succeed and convince King James that Ratcliffe was lying about the gold in Virginia, and stop the armada just in time.

Afterwards, Pocahontas is trying to work up the courage to ask John Rolfe to come to Virginia with her. Right as they are about to confess their love for each other, John Smith appears and joyfully swings Pocahontas around, telling her that King James has given him his own ship. He expects Pocahontas to come sail the world with him, but her heart belongs to her people so she ultimately refuses. Knowing that their paths are leading in separate directions, they bid a fond farewell to each other.

Pocahontas discovers that John Rolfe left when John Smith made his entrance. The ship to Virginia is about to depart shortly and Pocahontas runs around looking for John Rolfe. However, she runs out of time and is forced to board the ship without him. He seems to know what she was thinking though, because he appears on the ship right as it sets sail. Pocahontas rejoices and they kiss as the ship sails off into the sunset.


The most popular pairing for the character is Pocahontas/John Smith. In the sequel, Pocahontas gets a new romantic interest in John Rolfe. Hence, the second most popular pairing is Pocahontas/John Rolfe. Many fans of the original dislike the sequel because Disney changed Pocahontas's love interest. As a result, John Rolfe is often a victim of character bashing.

Crossovers are fairly common for the character. Most crossovers are with other Disney fandoms, where Pocahontas is paired up with other characters.





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