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Name: Aladdin
Occupation: Pauper
Relationships: Jasmine (wife), Sultan (father-in-law), Jafar (enemy), Rajah (ally), Genie (genie/ally), Casim, Saleen (enemy), Sal'uk
Fandom: Aladdin
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Aladdin is the protagonist in the Disney film and animated series of the same name.


In canon Aladdin is portrayed as a good person who has suffered the effects of poverty. In order to get by day to day he has no choice but to steal food, which he explains in In "One Jump Ahead." When he finally has access to whatever he wishes via the Genie, his first wish is for riches, which eventually ties into wanting to impress Princess Jasmine as well. Throughout the first film he learns to overcome obstacles and put others ahead of himself, most notably the Genie.



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