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Name: Jafar
Occupation: The Sultan's Grand Vizier
Relationships: Aladdin (enemy), Jasmine (enemy), Sultan (enemy), Genie (enemy)
Fandom: Aladdin
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Jafar is the antagonist in the Disney films and animated series of the same name.


From the live action movie (2019) we learn that Jafar was once a street rat like Aladdin. He has the position of Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah but, secretly, he covets the throne and to gain that he needs to obtain The Lamp from the Cave of Wonders. He needs to find 'a diamond in the rough' to enter the cave and bring out only the lamp, touching nothing else. He takes Aladdin to the cave but something goes wrong. He has his suspicions when Prince Ali arrives in Agrabah and when those are confirmed he manages to steal the Lamp from Aladdin. He is granted THREE WISHES, and uses the first to make himself the Sultan of Agrabah. He uses his second wish to become the most powerful sorceror. He tries to force Princess Jasmine to marry him but the wedding is interrupted by Aladdin. Aladdin realizes Jafar's greatest weakness is his desire to not be second best and taunts him, saying he is still only second best to the Genie of the Lamp. Jafar makes his third wish, to be an all-powerful genie, and it is granted, except that wish backfires. He does become an all-powerful genie but, like the Genie of the Lamp, he becomes bound to a lamp of his own, now imprisoned and at the beck and call of whoever calls him forth from the lamp.

The Genie throws Jafar's lamp into the Cave of Wonders where it might remain for centuries before someone retrieves it.



Crossover Shipping

Jafar is also a popular character to ship with characters from other fandoms.





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