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Pairing: Jafar/Jasmine
Alternative name(s): magicflower, J/J
Gender category: F/M, Het
Fandom: Aladdin
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Not popular
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Jafar/Jasmine is a het relationship from the Disney Aladdin movie (1992) and its live-action version released in 2019.


  • In the original Disney version, this couple began from a scene within the film where Jafar tries to convince the Sultan that he as the great Vizier must marry Princess Jasmine. In a later scene, when Jafar manages to get the genie and become Sultan, he offers Jasmine a crown and becomes into his sultana. This does not happen but it served as an excuse for fans to start writing about them. Although this shipping was not very popular due to the age difference between both characters.
  • In the same way that in the animated version, in the live-action version, there are several scenes of this couple, similar to the interactions with the original like a failed wedding, although in this version there is no kiss scene between them.

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