The Great Kenzarelli Multiverse

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Synonyms: Kenzarelli, Immortal Husband Adjacent, TOG Adjacent
Related: The Old Guard, Joe/Nicky, Adjacent ships, Same-Actor Crossover
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The Great Kenzarelli Multiverse is a subgenre of Joe/Nicky fanworks featuring crossover pairings of characters played by Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli (the actors that portray Joe and Nicky, respectfully).

On Ao3, these works can be found in the canon tag, Marwan Kenzari/Luca Marinelli Character Combinations, but many writers choose to use the freeform The Great Kenzarelli Multiverse tag instead. (The freeform tag is synned to the canon tag, which means all works tagged with The Great Kenzarelli Multiverse are in the canon tag). Currently, the use of tags is inconsistent and controversial, so not all works can be under the canon tag. Works on Tumblr are often tagged with The Great Kenzarelli Multiverse.



As of August 9, 2022, these pairings are the most popular:

  • Majid Zamari/Fabio Cannizzaro (52)
  • Daan (Hartenstraat)/Paolo Guerrisi (47)
  • Malik (The Mummy (2017))/Guido Caselli (27)
  • Pierre Michel/Roberta (l'Ultimo Terreste) (27)
  • Majid Zamari/Mickey Miranda (22)

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Example Fanworks


  • The Ocean Under the Moon by notmyyacht - The first Kenzarelli fic posted to Ao3 featuring Jafar and Fabio Cannizzaro
  • Two Suns by ShadyHideout - The first Kenzarelli to feature multiple pairings
  • The Circus by loflight501 featuring Malik (The Mummy (2017)) and Guido Caselli, the most popular (by kudos) solo Kenzarelli fic
  • Emerald Eyes by Mother_Of_Hedgehogs featuring Pierre Michel and Roberta



  • Man of My Dreams - original story by loflight501, podfic by cookiemom6067, featuring Jafar and Cesare
  • As The World Falls Down - original story by notmyyacht, podfic by cookiemom6067, featuring Majid Zamari and Fabio Cannizzaro

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