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Title: Fan.tasia
Creator: Lindsay McCutcheon
Date: July 23, 2016
Format: digital
Length: 3:27
Music: Pop Culture by Madeon
Genre: Gen, Het
Fandom: Disney
URL: YouTube
End card of vid

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Fan.tasia is a vid by Lindsay McCutcheon featuring footage from 23 Disney films.

The vid focuses primarily on films released during Disney's Renaissance period, and was created to show appreciation for the films that McCutcheon grew up with. The vid went viral after being posted to Reddit and trended on YouTube. It has been widely praised and celebrated for its skillful editing and timing.

Going Viral

The video was uploaded to YouTube on July 23, 2016. The next day the creator posted the vid to the r/videos subreddit, the post was titled "A video I made using almost every Disney video released in the last ~30 years".[1] It was very popular and was quickly upvoted to the top of the sub and made it to the front page of r/all.

Overall the post received over 39,000 upvotes, 1822 comments and 14 Reddit gold.[1] Because of the traffic from Reddit, and sharing of the video, the vid was featured on YouTube's trending page on July 25[2], which rarely occurs for fan vids. At that point the vid had over 885,000 views. As of March 2019, Fan.tasia has over 7.6 million views.


Vidder's Notes

This was just a project I did in my spare time to show my appreciation for these films... This took about 5 months on and off and I used Premiere and After Effects. The reason I only used movies from 1989-on (excluding Mary Poppins) is because that's arguably when Disney's Renaissance period began, and also because those are the movies I grew up with.[3]
I wanted to learn After Effects and decided something like this would be the best way to familiarize myself with it. As far as inspiration from other works, I drew a lot from AMVs (Anime Music Videos) which has a community of a lot of really talented editors. I wanted to apply the same techniques I saw in videos like Bakka Oppai’s A Piece of Toast and BBSNYPUR’s Imagine to another medium.[4]

Films Featured

Example of the masking technique used in the vid


The vid opens with an audio clip from Mary Poppins of Bert the chimney sweep talking about how to do a "bit of magic", before seguing into a track called Pop Culture by Madeon, which is itself a mashup of 39 different songs by various pop artists.[5]


Guys, I watch a lot of nostalgic Disney montages, but this one might take the cake. YouTube user Lindsay McCutcheon made a mashup of almost every Disney release since 1989 and set it to Madeon’s “Pop Culture.” This video has some of the most flawless editing that you’ve ever seen.
Things We Saw Today: “Fan.tasia” Is the Disney Montage of Disney Montages by Charline Jao July 25th, 2016,
Disney inspires its fans to create amazing cosplay, fanfiction, fanart, and other creative works to celebrate their love of animated movies. But trust me, you've never seen a tribute to Disney quite like this incredible, trippy music video.
This incredible Disney mashup proves they're all the same movie deep down by Victoria McNally, Jul 26, 2016,
McCutcheon's mashup, with all of its fantastic editing, reminds us of how exciting and fun it is to watch a Disney movie. Disney movies aren't always great, but when they are they're spectacularly great and end up changing your childhood forever. Magical!
This Might Be the Greatest Disney Mashup Ever Made by V Renée July 24, 2016,

From reddit

I honestly can't believe this isn't a rip off of an already made masterpiece. This is insanely well done and can't comprehend how long it would take to make something like this. The part with Lilo n Stitch holding his mouth was awesome and can't imagine the thought process to take that clip to match up with the song. Unless I am missing something that has already happened, I hope this blows up because the talent is incredible. Thank you. This is wonderful.[1]
I don't think anyone at Disney could have done this video better.[1]
And it seems like the type of thing a whole team of Disney employees would've spent months working on for a big anniversary celebration.[1]
Honestly the choice is music is perfect because it's a mashup of 39 of Madeon's favorite songs and it fits really well with a mashup like this.[1]

From Youtube

3 minutes and 27 seconds of pure satisfaction[3]
everything on here is so perfectly timed its so epic[3]
This is the single greatest mashup I have ever watched. I love the parts were individual characters pop up in frames of other movies![3]
I am in awe of your editing. Everything about it is perfect. The masking, transitions, cuts, lip sync, audio, it's just flawless and I am astounded by the effort you put into this. Thank you and well done. This is the kind of content youtube needs.[3]
Everything about this is perfect. The song choice, the clips, the masks, and the transitions. Phenomenal.[3]
as someone who edits videos herself i can see how much thought and work you've put into composing this piece of art! i think this shows how talented and creative you are! very clean masks and amazing transitions <3[3]
What...what...?! I'm literally crying, as an animating student I have to learn about all this and it makes me cringe to think about the agony of masking everything frame by frame in this video!! That said, I have so much respect for you I can't even describe it. The edits, the masking, the clips chosen for each scene, YOU EVEN FREAKING LIP SYNCED IT, they're so perfect I can't even...!!! You are the most fantastic and dedicated editor I've seen so far. Fantastic job.[3]
This is the best thing that Youtube has had will ever have, I almost shit myself from the epicness. How can a human edit that well, seriously. Fantastic job![3]
This is a true masterpiece, it is a representation of why we live, why we push on and continue living, we do it to see the beauty and wonder of nature and humanity, to see what we can accomplish and achieve. Life is not just a game of survival to us anymore, it is a test to see how beautiful we can make one thing, to see how we can draw inspiration from nature and others, to see what can happen when we come together to make something that we just look at and love. I thank you, not just for making a true masterpiece, but showing and expressing the reason we live, the true beauty in life isn't what's there, but what we see is there, and you saw a great amount and went to great lengths to show the world. Thank you.[3]
This was magical. Reminiscent of the Disney Channel montages I used to watch when I was a child. Thank you for this.[3]



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