Prince Adam

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Name: Prince Adam, Beast
Occupation: Prince
Relationships: Belle (wife),
Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs.Potts, Chip (allies/staff/friends),
Maurice (father-in-law),
Gaston (enemy)
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Beast (Jun 2015) by joshsummana
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Adam, also known as the titular Beast, is a main character in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

The Beast's name is never mentioned in the original film, nor in either of the two Disneytoons sequels. The name 'Adam' appears to come from several other licensed Disney products, including the game The D Show, a portrait at a Disney World hotel, and merch.[1][2]


Prince Adam is turned into a Beast by an Enchantress, because of his lack of compassion for others. After he captures Maurice, Belle agrees to take his place as prisoner. At first the relationship between them is adversarial, but they grow to care deeply for one another. When he is mortally wounded Belle admits she loves him, the curse is broken and he transforms from the Beast back to his human state of Prince Adam.



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Pastfic: exploring Adam's childhood before the curse
  • Futurefic: post-canon, often Adam and Belle are married with children
  • Forgiveness: seeking forgiveness from those he treated badly when he was the Beast, example: Maurice

A Fandom Divided

Many fans feel that Adam's appearance, after transforming back into a human form, is somewhat anticlimactic due to the moral of 'Beauty and the Beast', i.e. You can love someone for who they are, not how they look.

While plenty of fans are also perfectly content with Adam's post transformation looks, a lot feel that he is essentially a different person, and don't harbour the same affection for him. It is therefore not a surprise to see fic where Adam remains a beast, even after Belle has declared her love for him.


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