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Name(s): Non/Disney
Scope/Focus: all Disney films and Non-Disney films usually by DreamWorks, Pixar, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., Fox etc.
Date(s): 2000s - present
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Non/Disney is a multifandom crossover, between at least one Disney film and one other company (which is usually DreamWorks or Pixar).


Non/Disney was made popular in the 2000s through the internet with YouTube and Deviantart. Various vids or fanart were created that crossed the characters together, often photo manipulating screencaps or scenes inside a video. The vids are often part of MEPs, where more than one vidder works on creating a video together with multiple pairings or films featured. The Non/Disney vidding fandom is prolific and developed various fannish activities such as shuffle vidding.

Fanfiction has also been a part of this multifandom crossover, which can be mainly found on or Archive of Our Own.

Certain types of crossovers broke off as well due to how many fans enjoyed them, the best example would be the Big Four - which crossed over Disney's Brave, Disney's Tangled and DreamWorks' Rise of the Guardians and How to Train Your Dragon. That multi-fandom crossover took off in a big way, and even led to more characters to join in the crossover such as Frozen and Hotel Transylvania.


Due to variety of characters on both sides, there is a lot of crossover pairings to choose from; het to slash to femslash or even just gen. Some pairings are more popular than the other like normal singular fandoms, but there is usually some sort of fanwork available to find for anything sort of pairing.

Canon vs. Crossover

In vids on YouTube, the term Non/Disney does not always apply to an actual crossover and only means that various animated clips are featured and not all of them are Disney or another company (for examples see "Non-Crossovers" section in the Fanworks). Editing groups like Canon Renaissance have sprung up to encourage more non-crossover editing in the fandom.[1]



  • Escape by drfrankensara, A jock, a nerd, a loner, and a homeschool kid end up trapped in a basement together at a back-to-school party gone horribly wrong. The tagline of our lives. And that’s only the beginning. (High School AU with Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Merida)



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