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Synonyms: Shuffle Challenge
See also: Vidding, MEP, Non/Disney, Secret Santa, Challenge
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Shuffle Vidding, also known as a Shuffle Challenge, is a vidding challenge/exchange where vidders trade (often but not always) randomly-chosen songs and have to edit a video to them under a time limit. They are often run on forums or Discord servers for editing communities. The earliest known group challenge shuffle vids are dated to August 2015 and were made by editors with the non/Disney MEP studio Disney Skies Studios.


The challenge was invented in 2015 by vidders DannyPhantomSG1 and JaneDoe. The earliest known group shuffle challenge dates to August 2015 and were made by editors with the non/Disney MEP studio Disney Skies Studios.

I kiiiiiind of (?) invented this thing with JaneDoe the other day when we both wanted to edit (or let's be honest, probably just I wanted to edit and I forced her into this), but we didn't have any ideas. So we put our iPods on shuffle, and then we sent our song to the other person and had to vid that song.

Both of our results are on Unlisted on our channels, but I showed my terrible vid to DSST on Skype one day, and for some reason everyone thought it'd be a good idea to do this in a group setting. XD So we did like a Secret Santa and had to vid each others' songs.

DannyPhantomSG1, Aug 12, 2015[1]


The shuffle's moderator starts a thread or a channel for the shuffle challenge and states the guidelines for the round of shuffle vidding. Those might include deadlines to submit songs and finished videos, restrictions on what songs may be submitted, consequences for not finishing a video by the deadline, or minimum lengths for finished vids.

Prospective participants then submit their songs to the moderator. Once the moderator's deadline for submission has passed, said mod shuffles the provided songs and editors and posts the matched pairs in the thread/channel. Editors then have a deadline (typically a week) to finish a vid to their song. Minimum lengths are often between 5-20 seconds long; there are rarely maximum lengths.

If a participant does not finish their vid on time, a pinch hitter is not necessary, but the group may or may not set consequences for this predicament. Often, this means being barred from future shuffles until the original vid is submitted.

Unlike with a Secret Santa exchange, the goal of shuffle vidding is not to make a gift for another person, but to edit quickly, complete a project, and use songs one might not have otherwise considered.


Shuffles in their purest forms require participants to shuffle their song libraries and submit the first song that plays, but themed shuffles may instead require that the songs be hand-picked to suit a theme (decades, holidays, content, etc.).

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