Cinderella (Disney character)

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Name: Cinderella
Ashley Boyd (Storybrooke name) (OUAT)
Occupation: Housekeeper/servant
Title/Rank: Princess
Location: France
Status: Alive
Relationships: Prince Charming (husband), Alexandra (OUAT daughter)
Lady Tremaine (step-mother), Anastasia, Drizella (step-sisters),
The Fairy Godmother, Jaq, Gus, Bruno, Major (allies), Lucifer (step-family pet)
Fandom: Cinderella, Disney Princess, Kingdom Hearts, Once Upon a Time
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Cinderella is the protagonist in the Disney film of the same name, and a supporting characters in the video game, Kingdom Hearts, and television show, Once Upon a Time. She is named for a classic fairy tale, which is often either called "Cinderella" or "The Little Glass Slipper."


Cinderella lives with her wicked stepmother and two equally wicked stepsisters, all of whom treat her badly to the point of abuse. Cinderella is kind and patient and mostly endures their abuses as calmly as she can, making friends with the mice and birds while she does the many household chores that are heaped on her. One day, the prince invites all the (presumably wealthy/upper-class) people of the kingdom to a ball - and Cinderella is eager to attend. She makes a ballgown out of bits and pieces the stepmother and sisters have cast aside, but they catch her and insist she has stolen from them, and tear up her finery. Cinderella cries, and her Fairy Godmother appears, grants her a glorious dress and a coach to go to the ball, where she meets the prince and they dance. Cinderella, however, has a deadline: she has to leave by midnight. She runs out of the ball and drops her glass shoe on the way. The next day, the prince goes to all the houses in the kingdom, trying to find the beautiful girl who'd stolen his heart. Both her stepsisters tried to insist it was she, but they could not wear the shoe. Cinderella fit the shoe perfectly, and she and the prince were married.

Different Versions

There have been several live-action movies based on the same fairy tale. (Disney owns their version, but cannot copyright Grimm's Fairy Tales.) In all of them, Cinderella lives in poverty while her stepmother and stepsisters drain her deceased father's resources. She is always hardworking and kind-hearted.


Cinderella is not a popular character for fanfic: even allowing for different fandom versions, there are fewer than 1,000 completed fics tagged for Cinderella at AO3. Some of the fics tagged for the fandom are "Cinderella AU" fics from other fandoms.

Art for her and other Disney Princesses is very popular. Gender-switch art is common, and so is re-imagining them in modern situations and roles, or in other fandoms.


  • Cinderella/Charming

By far the most popular pairing in the fandom. There is almost no femslash or incest fic featuring Cinderella and either of her sisters, nor are there any other male characters in the traditional story for het shipping.

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