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Synonyms: amalgam
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A fusion is a type of fanwork which merges two or more fandoms by incorporating characters from one fandom into the setting of another as if they had always been there.

The term was common in some media fandom communities to distinguish these AU crossovers since at least around the year 2000[1], and further popularized by Liviapenn in 2005, when she created the sga_fusion community[2] to support the Atlantis Amalgamated challenge. Since the challenge was centered in the Stargate Atlantis fandom, many of the stories identified as 'fusions' come from that fandom, though the earlier concept of 'Amalgam' stories came from comics:
It's a little easier to talk about this type of thing in comics fandom, where there's a clear-cut difference between a crossover and an amalgam-- every so often DC and Marvel will get together and do an "Amalgam" comic, where two universes are squished together resulting in something like Sparrow, who is a squished-together version of Robin and Jubilee.) Anyway, that's what these stories should be-- not crossovers where Angel or Jim Ellison or Horatio Hornblower or Remus and Sirius suddenly discover the existence of Atlantis, but one where they've been there this whole time, as Marines, or scientists, or Athosians, or whatever. Where they've become part of a team, just as they are in their original fandoms. [3]
Some fandoms are very often used for fusions and are defined more by their fusion potential than by fannish activity in-universe alone; His Dark Materials is a good example, with whole livejournal comms being devoted to the genre.

The idea of writing fusions, especially with popular movies, is attractive to quite a few fanwriters, though it is not always successfully implemented.[4]

Popular Fusion Types

Fusions often borrow a setting or an element of canon, and ignore everything else from these fandoms; canon knowledge (sometimes even on part of the writer) is rarely necessary.

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Borrowed Settings

Borrowed Canon Elements

Borrowed Story

Characters from one universe enact the story from another. Sometimes referred to as pastiche. See pastiche (fusion)

Same Actor Fusion

A Same Actor Fusion is like a Same Actor Crossover, but rather than having two characters in different canons who are played by the same actor meet, they are combined into one. These stories usually include a fusion of other canon elements such as setting as well as characters.

Footage of different characters played by the same actor is sometimes used in fanvids, gifs and other fanart to create the illusion of continuity between characters.

    • This fusion began being drawn and written when it was announced the Benedict Cumberbatch had been cast along side his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman as the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit. The portmanteau names "Smauglock" and "Johnbo" refer to the Smaug/Sherlock fusion and John/Bilbo fusion characters respectively.
    • Rupert Graves characters Detective Inspector Lestrade and Paul Prentice have been fused by sadynax and others.[5] Paul Prentice is perhaps the inspiration for the Inspector's fanon leather jacket, motorcycle and appreciation for punk music.


Fusion Fanart


Aesthetic Edits


Fused with:
Criminal Minds
the losers club x criminal minds au, Archived version by RichiardTozierFandom: ITDate: March 1st 2019Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
moodboard: mike hanlon as derek morgan
DC Comics
Mike Hanlon - Superman/Clark Kent (1/7), Archived version by SwankyMikeHanlonFandom: ITDate: November 24th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“You will be different, sometimes you’ll feel like an outcast, but you’ll never be alone.” (As Clark Kent.)
Mike Hanlon, son of the Genie, Archived version by GazebosEddieFandom: ITDate: November 10th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
Losers x Disney (As son of Genie.)


Same Actor Fusions:

Sometimes major characters in their original universe become minor characters in the new fused universe:

Fusions offer many possibilities for humor:



Thematic Lists


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