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Synonyms: Fusion Dance, Gem Fusion, Potara Earrings
Related: Bodysharing
See Also: Steven Universe, Dragon Ball
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Fusion is a trope in which two or more individual characters are combined into one new character. A fusion character inherits some physical and personality traits from its components, but is also a character in their own right.

Not to be confused with fusion crossovers.

Fandoms with Canonical Fusions

  • Dragon Ball: characters in this series can fuse with each other by performing a "fusion dance", or by using Potara Earrings.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: the character of Tuvix is an accidental fusion of Tuvok and Neelix. While he only exists for one episode, he and his "death" have been the subject of debate in the Star Trek fandom for decades.
  • Steven Universe: the Gem characters in this series routinely fuse together. Fusions are physical embodiments of relationships, and can represent a wide variety of relationship dynamics, be they platonic, romantic, familiar, etc.

In Other Fandoms

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The fusion trope appears to have gained traction in fandom after the airing of Steven Universe, where fusions like Garnet showed the potential of the trope for romance. Many of the fics which feature fusion as a trope are, confusingly, themselves fusions (in the crossover sense) with Steven Universe.

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