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Sentinel AU's is the name given to every plot that uses the concept of Sentinel and Guide from the fandom of The Sentinel, where different characters live the experience of being sentinels or guides, becoming an extremely popular trope, mainly in fandoms with military/police content, such as H50 fics where Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams have such abilities. Extrapolating wildly from a brief mention about "guides" in canon[2], the trope often posits that for each Sentinel there is one perfect Guide and the two will imprint on each other.

The Trope

In series canon The Sentinel, Jim Ellison has super-heightened senses what makes you a sentinel, which can be useful tools for his job as a cop. Anthropology student Blair Sandburg helps him deal with the effects of those senses during the series, being then a guide according to the plot.[2] Ellison's super-heightened senses very often lead to his "zoning out" or becoming overfocused on one of the senses[3] and in fanon (almost) the only thing that will help them return from a zone-out is assistance from a/their Guide.

Most Sentinel AU fic are based on Sentinel fanon and the popular Sentinels and Guides are Known trope in Sentinel fandom. Thus, in Sentinel AU fic, the terms Sentinel and Guide aren't just descriptions, they're an almost mystical calling, with the Sentinel and the Guide destined to find each other and be together. This may or may not include a soulbond, and the spirit animals present in The Sentinel canon may or may not be completely ignored. In some stories Sentinels and Guides are a societal institution managed by military or non-military bureaucracies, in others they are instead self-organized in pack structures. There is much variation and overlap in fanfic.

When Sentinels and Guides are a societal institution under the management of some kind of agency, either the Sentinel or the Guide is usually higher-class than the other, who may be little more than a slave. The GDP Series by Susan Foster helped popularize this specific sub-trope in Sentinels and Guides are Known fic, which expanded beyond Sentinel fandom into general Sentinel AUs.


For The Sentinel examples see Sentinels and Guides are Known


  • The Imperfections series by Dasha. May have first introduced the concept of the "fragile Sentinel."

Downton Abbey

  • Thomas and the Society of Sentinels by Alex51324, a fusion set in the interwar years in which Sentinels and Guides are well known but have their own unique subculture which, due to the military value of Sentinels, the establishment is prepared to make some exceptions to accommodate.


  • Stopgap Measures by idelthoughts, Technically, Henry didn’t need a Guide. He’d gotten along for most of his life without one. He’d learned to cope, better than most lone Sentinels, but now that he’s met Jo, he’s remembering how much better he is with one.


  • Oddbodies by toffeecape. "Will is an off-brand sentinel. Hannibal is a reputable guide. What could go wrong?" Starts at the beginning of canon and proceeds apace. Sentinels and guides are societal equals, and bonded pairs have special legal status.

Harry Potter

Hawaii 5-0

  • Kahu a Alaka’i by Cattraine, in which "Sentinels serve the military and Guides are chattel", with Steve as the Sentinel and Danny as the Guide.
  • 'Uhane by Sealie, a series that features Danny as the Sentinel and Steve as the Guide.

Jeeves and Wooster

An accident triggers unexpected changes in Jeeves's life -- and in Bertie's.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Stargate Universe (SG-1/SGA/SGU)

Teen Wolf

  • Unmapped by Jerakeen, in which Derek is a Sentinel without a Guide, and Stiles is definitely not a Guide.

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