Steve McGarrett

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Name: Steven McGarrett
Occupation: Navy SEAL, head of Hawaii 5-0
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Location: Hawai'i
Status: alive
Relationships: Mary (sister)
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Other: played by the actor Alex O'Loughlin
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Steven McGarrett is a fictional main character from the Hawaii 5-0 television series, portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin


In the first episode of the rebooted Hawaii 5-0, Steve McGarrett becomes commander of the newly-formed Hawaii 5-0 task force.


He is a classic clam. Fans are fond of his many and varied facial expressions, taking inspiration from the show and widely adopting the phrase "aneurysm face."[1]




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  1. Promo for ep. 1X04, "Lanakila", on youtube which includes part of the scene where Danny tells Steve he has "aneurysm face."