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Name: Steven McGarrett
Occupation: Navy SEAL, head of Hawaii 5-0
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Location: Hawai'i
Status: alive
Relationships: Mary (sister)
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Other: played by the actor Alex O'Loughlin
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In the first episode of the rebooted Hawaii 5-0, Steve McGarrett becomes commander of the newly-formed Hawaii 5-0 task force.

He is a classic clam. Fans are fond of his many and varied facial expressions, taking inspiration from the show and widely adopting the phrase "aneurysm face."[1]

He is often paired with Danny "Danno" Williams.

Notable fanworks centered around Steve include...


  1. Promo for ep. 1X04, "Lanakila", on youtube which includes part of the scene where Danny tells Steve he has "aneurysm face."