Keira Marcos

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Name: Keira Marcos
Type: fanwriter, reccer
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek (2009), The Sentinel, Sherlock, Harry Potter
URL: website, livejournal, dreamwidth, Slash World multireccer multifandom recs website
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Keira Marcos is a latter-day BNF in Stargate Atlantis fandom, where her longfic slash series are often recommended for their sweeping romance and epic scale. She also writes in other fandoms.

She is sometimes criticized for apparent misogyny in some of her works (specially the Tangled Destinies series[1]), unrealistic portrayal of BDSM, and what some fans see as OOC characterization.

She prefers not to see concrit of her writing[2], and gives other writers limited permission to use ideas and concepts from her fanworks.[3]

Her stories have won multiple awards[4], including 1st place winner in the series category for the McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards in 2008. Multiple fanartists have created fanart for her stories.

Notable Works


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