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Name: Rough Trade
Owner/Maintainer: Keira Marcos
Dates: November 2011 - ongoing
Fandom: multifandom
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Rough Trade is a writing challenge website with events in April, July, and November (corresponding with the official events of NaNoWriMo) that encourages fandom writers to post their works in progress. Rough Trade doesn't store their works permanently, instead, they delete challenge responses regularity, making way for the next set of works prior to each event.

It began as a challenge site for NaNoWriMo called Naked NaNo, before morphing into Rough Trade in 2013.


  • First challenge, November 2011, both fan works and original fiction was allowed and 21 writers had participated, with no specific themne
  • November 2012, 24 writers participated, with no specific theme
  • 2013 was the first year with three challenges in a year
  • April 2013 had 21 writers participating, theme of 30k+ Shifter Challenge
  • July 2013 was the first Original Fic Only Challenge and 12 writers participated (aiming for 30k+)[1]
  • November 2013, 50k no specific theme
  • April 2014, Spring training, 30k+ no specific theme
  • July 2014, 2 stories 10k each in Stargate: Atlantis and Harry Potter fandoms
  • November 2014, 50k with a Soulmate theme
  • April 2015, 2 stories 20k each with a theme of Immortality/Historical
  • July 2015, 3 stories 10k each, with The Sentinel theme / Little Black Dress
  • November 2015, 50k, Up CLose and Personal theme (Songle POV Challenge)
  • April 2016, 40k, with a Second Chances theme
  • July 2016, 3 stories 10k each, with The Sentinel theme / Little Black Dress
  • November 2016, 50k, AU theme (A Whole New World)
  • April 2017, 25k, The Mulligan Challenge (any past work for Rough Trade)
  • July 2017, 5-15k episodes - Battle of the 5 Fandoms (Stargate, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf, Supernatural)
  • November 2017, 50k Urban Fantasy Challenge (Blue Moon)
  • April 2018, 40k Call It Magic theme (Harry Potter)
  • July 2018, 2 stories 20k each, with The Sentinel theme / Little Black Dress
  • November 2018, 50k - NOt Quite Human


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