Evil Author Day

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Event: Evil Author Day (EAD)[1]
Participants: see the "participating authors" section for a list[2]
Date(s): 2010s – present
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: multifandom
URL: evilauthorday at DW
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Evil Author Day is an event that takes place annually on 15 February. The original concept was to post the titles or descriptions of your in-process stuff and let people vote on what they’d like to see.[2] The descriptor "evil" refers to the fact that there are no promises attached to the event; that is to say a WIP, even if well-liked and voted for, may or may not ever be published or completed.


By consensus Keira Marcos is considered a vital participant in the event, having dictated its annual occurrence every February 15th and popularizing it, however sources differ as to whether she was also responsible for the creation of the event.[1][2]

The exact date of its creation is also a matter of doubt, with some citing 2010 or 2011 as the initial year of Evil Author Day, as well as the question of whether it began on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth.[2]


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