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Name: McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards
Date(s): 2005-2008
Frequency: annual
Format: online
Type: fanfiction and fanart
Associated Community: mcshep_awards (Livejournal)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

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The McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards were annual awards in Stargate Atlantis fandom for McKay/Sheppard fanfic, fanart, and fanvids, with multiple categories, as well as a Best Story, Best Author, Best Artwork, and Best Artist.

The award banner features a photomanip by newkidfan.[1]

2005 Winners

McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2005
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Action 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Give or Take) by Merry
About a Lamp by torch
First Contact by Kylie Lee & thegrrrl Cradle by troyswann
Angst Intersections by Kaneko We All Arrive by Different Streets by thegrrrl Letters by Kylie Lee
Atlantean Delicacy by Tarlan
AU Transcendental by Shalott Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion by Auburn
Owl Eyes by Salieri
A Beautiful Lifetime Event by Shalott
Dark Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion by Auburn Strange Attractors by Zoe Rayne The Empty Ball by Brighid
Drama Referencing Gilbert Ryle by Brighid Proof by Contradiction by Shalott Machina ex Deo by custardpringle
Episode Tag Two Weeks by Chelle & thegrrrl Yes Yes, A Thousand Times Yes by thegrrrl Aftermath by tipper
Future A Beautiful Lifetime Event by Shalott Final Redemption by The Huntress A Skewed Universe by thegrrrl
Hurt/Comfort Into the Light by thegrrrl A Better Fate by Chelle Cadence by Sethoz
Bondsman by Casspeach
Humour Pygoscelis, (Or a Gift of Pebbles) by Leah Breaking Up is Hard to Do by Amireal Complicated by d
Kink Clarity by Speranza Threat Assessment by Zoe Rayne Bound by Coreopsis
Resolution by Resonant
Proposition Oblivious by Shalott Monsters by Salieri Bright Ideas by Alyse
Invulnerable by Kylie Lee
PWP Hitched by forcryinoutloud
When in Haldoria by Speranza
Relaxation by Lamardeuse Sex? Later by Chelle
Contact High by Chelle
Romance Under the Skin by d Minimum Safe Distance by Kageygirl Referencing Gilbert Ryle by Brighid
Cherry by Rivier
Series Environmental Controls by Kalimyre Geeks and Goons by Koschka Balcony Sessions by Leah
Thoughts Not a Case of Hero Worship by J.M. Griffin Hands by barkeep I Was Stationed in the Pegasus Galaxy and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt by Chelle
What Aiden Ford Didn't See... Or Know by Chelle
Threesomes/Moresomes Alone in Your Mind by James Sober by Miera A Little Gift by Mice
Tryptich by Alyse
UST/Pre-Slash Hitched by daughtershade Geeks and Goons by Koschka
Visual Phallusy by Zoe Rayne
Crush by Soraya
Diplomatic Incident by Zoe Rayne
WIP One by Cassie Jamie
Paper Doll Chains by Sethoz
Souvenirs by Miss Pamela Wonderwall by Cassie Jamie
The Near Miss Saga by Cynical
Major Wooing by girlgonemadd
Story 2005 A Better Fate by Chelle A Beautiful Lifetime Event by Shalott Intersections by Kaneko
Author 2005 Shalott thegrrrl forcryinoutloud
Fanvids Falling for the First Time by mamoru22 Adrift on the Sea by Amerzi
Sunshine and Chocolate by Davechicken
How Could I (fall for that) by mamoru22
I'm Losing You by mamoru22
I'm Not Okay by Darkmoon711
Pretty Fly for a Jedi by Davechicken
Once More (...with feeling) by nel_ani
Fanart Rodney Game by Spubba Fell in Love with a Boy by Cassie Jamie Black and White by d
Manips John's Room by Skater Gator True Passion by Halessa Dream by Skator Gator
Wallpaper Military Intelligence by Cassie Jamie
Life's a Dream by EGJ/Flordeneu
Come Back Down by Layton Colt
Don't Want to Forget by Skator Gator
Now or Never by Layton Colt
Jumper by Skator Gator
Icons Silly Fangirl by Layton Colt Pinky and The Brain by Pegasus_01
Miss Me by Tinnny
What Would Happen? by Noctidue
Together by Cassie Jamie
Stand By, Doing It, Always You, Together by Noctidae

2006 Winners

McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2006
Category Winner Runner-Up Puddlejumper Award
Action MVP by Speranza The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves by Smittywing Distraction by Lacey McBain
Angst Lost in Waiting by Lacey McBain Cartography by Touch by rageprufrock All of Eden by Nixa Jane
AU A Farm in Iowa by Sheafrotherdon Coming Home by Xanthe String Theory, a Concerto for Violin in D Minor by Toft Froggy
Crossover Where Did All The Physics Go? by Amireal The Dark Side by Astolat Accidents Happen by yin_again
Dark DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam by trinityofone Exigencies by Rivier Standing in for Atlas by Nixa Jane
Drama Kid A by Speranza Care in the Holding by Lacey McBain Double Occupancy by Isiscolo
Episode Tag Shed Your Skin by Seperis In Which Rodney Dates, John is Curious and Cadman Helps by Mmmchelle A House is Not a Home by Volefan
First Time Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by helenish Once Upon a Furry Octopus by Skoosiepants Cleave by Amireal
Future Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by Synecdochic Going Public by Orandream Duty as a Husband by Seikaitsukimizu
Hewligan Things Done by yin_again Once Bitten by lavvyan When Brendan Met Emmett by Nixa Jane
Humour Atlantis Wasn't Built in a Day by Eleveninches #435, The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter by rageprufrock Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by Smittywing
Hurt/Comfort That Pon Farr Thing by Mmmchelle Leavenworth by Amireal Five Impossible Things Rodney McKay Did Before Breakfast by Lacey McBain
Kink Second Skin by Toft Froggy Still by Mmmchelle & TheGrrrl2002 Clarity by Speranza
PWP Mostly Harmless by Astolat Sex Things by Mmmchelle & TheGrrrl2002 Love in an Elevator by 30toseoul
Romance Scenes From A Lesser War by Amireal Time in a Bottle by Astolat Finding the Fine Print by Giddygeek
Series The Geeks & Goons Guide by Likethekoschka Teacher's Pet by Seperis Getting To Know You by Lamardeuse
Thoughts Disambiguation by Yin_Again The Measure of a Man by Jo_Zed_Pee_Em Parched by Lillyjk
Threesome/Moresome Brownian Motion by 30toseoul Back From the Well by Xanthe
UST/Pre-Slash What Happens in the Clubhouse by Skoosiepants Not a Threat (But Not Exactly Human, Either) by Neery The Rodney Multiplex by Nessalynna
WIP Crimes Against Humanity by Seperis The Best Things in Life Are Free by Smittywing Say Her Name Three Times by Seikaitsukimizu
Best Story Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by Synecdochic
Best Author Eleveninches
Fanvid This Is How It Works by lim The Writer by Suz Voy Dreams by newkidfan
Fanart Missed The Saturday Dance by Zoetrope Snarklantis by Liek_omg Touch by Spaggel
Manips The Lost Boys: Deleted Scenes here and here by newkidfan & Lierdumoa Home by Bluespirit_Star Dominance by Tardis80
Wallpaper McShep is Love by Forcryinoutloud McShep Season 3 by A_Gal_Icons Miles Aways by Brandinsbabe
Icon True Passion by Halessa Angel/Devil by newkidfan Think Twice by LaytonColt

2007 Winners

McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2007
Category Winner Runner-Up Puddlejumper Award
Action/Adventure by Kellifer
Aliens Made Them Do It
Take a Chance on Me by Chopchica
Blindsided by Madison
Straight As A Circle by Toomuchplor
Every Day in Every Way by Velocitygrass
Canon AU
Aegis by Springwoof and Leah
Stellar by TheGrrrl2002
Complete AU
Junk Cheap by Devil Doll
Clean Plate Club (series) by Yin
Fuzzy Duck Smell by Devil Doll
First Time
Full Disclosure by Nixa Jane
Catch-19 by Chelle
Taken by Ladycat & Yin

Wrecked by Spike21
Spark by Yin
Coda by The_Drifter
Checkmate Verse by Beadattitude
Life Less Ordinary by Puddleofgoo
Best Story
Best Author
Best New Author
Written by the Victors by Zulu
Black Fingernails, Red Wine by OBFreak
John and Rodney by Lorraine Brevig
Serenade by newkidfan
little!john and Rodney on a flying paper crane by Tardis80
Digital Art
Debriefing by Mousewrites
Respite by Ileliberte
Stargate Snarklantis by Noxie
Office!Team by Ladyflowdi
John/Rodney manip by Velocitygrass
CSI Atlantis by Sandrainthesun
Five pictures Caleb took when Uncle Merry wasn't looking by Tardis80
Anniversary by newkidfan
One Life to Ascend To by Anna_luna
Graphic Novel A Bed Too Small by Liketheriver
Operation Mistletoe by Tardis80
The Exceedingly Sad And Very Touching Story of How Dr. Elizabeth Weir Died Saving Atlantis by Smuffster
Cover Art
In the City of Seven Walls by Steammmpunk
Arizona cover by Girlnamedpixley
Mirror Dance by aesc
Wing by aesc
McShep is Love (green) by Forcryinoutloud
The Lost City by Nixa Jane
John and Rodney Kiss by Anna_luna
Tao HC Turned by newkidfan
Underwear by Elli
Best Artwork
Physics of Flying by Steammmpunk
Best Artist

2008 Winners

McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2008
Category Winner Runner-Up Puddlejumper Award
Ordinary Life by Shalott and Speranza
Where You Want To Be by Semivowel
Beast of Burden by Wickedwords
Aliens Made Them Do It
Decreasing Radii by Cathalin
Advantage by Resonant
Maybe This is the Wrong Galaxy by Apple Pi
The Price That Life Exacts by Cathalin
Theory of Everything by Rheanna
Friendly by Speranza
Every Day in Every Way by Velocitygrass
And All We Have by Seekergeek
Canon AU
Indelible by Shaenie
OK Computer by Speranza
Taking the Long Way Home by Sardonicsmiley
Complete AU
Entangled Particles by Zinnith

Fireball by Celli
Sunny California by Mystic
Everything But Love by Cottontail
But Where Would They Live? by Thingswithwings
Knievel the Mighty and the Eye of the Gods by lavvyan
Wraith Killers by Lady Ra
There's No Such Thing As Daniel Jackson by Eleveninches
Percentages by Ladycat777
Judas Doesn't Answer by Auburn
Blink by lavvyan
By Whirlwind Scattered by busaikko
War Bride by Speranza
The Water Grinds The Stone by Auburn
Dearest by lavvyan
Episode Tag
Gravity by Rheanna

Forty Two by Cathalin
Requiem by Pollitt
Controlled Descent (Estimated Time of Arrival) by Darsynia
Nineteen Kisses by Fitbitca_Bear
First Time
Scenes from an Accidental Courtship by ToraK
An Inaccurate Telling by Chelle and The Grrrl

With Intent by Shaenie
Connection by Kass
A Hundred Happy Things by busaikko
Always Should Be Someone You Really Love by Thingswithwings
Three Wishes by Liketheriver
Three Ways Brendan and Emmett Didn't Meet & One Way They Did by lavvyan
Meeting Betty... an informal introduction by Neevebrody
417 Miles to Home by Threnody Jones
Accident Prone by Lady Ra
Second Chance by SgaMadison

Wing and a Prayer by SgaMadison & The_Cephalopod
Desperate Measures by Hazelthewitch
The Tragic, Doomed and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay by Deastar
The Geek's and Goon's Guide to Baby and Child Care by Likethekoschka
Do You Know What I Know? by Devildoll
Taken by Ladycat777 and Yin
Fun With Comas by Toft
The Other Road by Seekergeek
The Minstrel Boy by busaikko
Logopetria by lavvyan
Moments by Keira Marcos
Five Planets Atlantis is Never Contacting Again, or at Least If They Do, They’re Sending Another Damn Team, Not John’s by Spuffyduds
Shook Me All Night Long by Sardonicsmiley
Porn from the Id by Apple Pi
Waylaid at Midway by Toomuchplor
Catch 19 by Chelle
Mile Marker Thirty-six by Bluespirit
Happily Ever After by Cupidsbow
What Might Have Been by Keira Marcos
Nantucket AU Series by Dogeared & Aesc & Sheafrotherdon & Siriaeve
High School Confidential by Elayna
Healing Station Argh by Toft
Crusade in Jeans by Mystic
Triune by Skinscript
Best Story
Indelible by Shaenie
Best Author
Four Years by Fabella
Grace Kelly by Diana Williams
Animated J/R Fairy Tale Love Story by Berlinghoff79
Theory of Evolution by _Phoon_
Surfacing I by Lorraine Brevig
Digital Art
Regency AU
by Leyna
Nevermind by newkidfan
Enchanted Atlantis by Le_Mot_Mo
Afterglow by Bluespirit
Just a Taste by Beeej

Master & Commander by Beeej
Favorite Things by Lenkti
Not Gonna Happen by Gnine
Love I Learned in a Single Kiss by Tardis80

Smooch by Gnine
Trajectory of a Kiss by Tardis80
Graphic Novels
Rocketship by Aesc and Steammmpunk
Little Crush by Gnine
Movie Night Mayhem by Gnine
Cover Art
Mirror Image
by Leyna
Dangerous to Know
by Leyna
Happily Ever After by Tardis80
Bar Harbor's Best by Beeej
OMG! This is a Date! by newkidfan
The Love of Your Fucking Life by newkidfan
Flowers by Beeej
Mixed Media
The List of Cool Shit to Do by Seperis
Thumbelina by Unaccompanied_G
And I Have Known by Itsychick
Best Artwork
Best Artist


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