Under the Skin

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Title: Under the Skin
Author(s): d
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Under the Skin (AO3)

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Under the Skin is a John/Rodney story by d.

Summary: John tries not to unravel after a mission gone wrong.

Recs and Reviews

under the skin, by danvers, is sheppard/mckay established relationship. i was dubious of the premise at first, but then i bought it. i don't usually like established relationship fic. i think this one is very good, although it's low on the witty banter. "So, what's with the pretending that everything's okay and you're okay and we're all okay?" "Because I am okay, and so are you and so is everything," John said flatly. "Give me the pen," Rodney said. "What for?" "I want to write liar across your stupid forehead," Rodney said. [1]


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