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Name: d
Alias(es): danveresque (please see Talk:D before adding or linking any other pseuds)
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: SGA, SG-1, Star Trek (2009), Merlin, Doctor Who, Thor, X-Men First Class, MCU etc.
URL: danveresque on Archive of Our Own
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d is a fan writer who has been active in various fandoms since 2001.

d has removed their works from their personal website, but they remain accessible at the AO3.[1] Earlier, they were accessible at the now-defunct URL http://01100100.fanfib.org.

d has made a blanket statement about further transformation of and concrit on their fanworks.[2]

Sample Works

As The World Turns

Doctor Who



Stargate Atlantis

Stargate SG-1

Star Trek (2009)

X-Men First Class


  1. ^ "Until August you can still find my fic as archived on my website and for when that goes poof, please find below a list of all my fic as archived at my A03 account. FOR ETERNITEEEEE 0.0" in Index of fiction as archived at A03 post (Accessed 13 April 2011)
  2. ^ "I'm quite happy for people to podfic, remix, prequel/sequel or base fanart on my work - in fact, I'm quite enthusiastic about shared sandboxes. Though you're not obliged to give me a heads up on anything you might have based on my fics, I'd appreciate it if you did let me know just for curiosity's sake ;) I treasure all feedback, whether it's a word or an essay. Constructive criticism is more than welcome." From AO3 profile. (Accessed 1 Feb 2012)