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Name: Rheanna
Alias(es): inamorata, rheanna27
Type: writing
Fandoms: Angel, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica (2003), Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek (2009) and others
URL: Palimpsest (website), rheanna (on AO3), rheanna (on Dreamwidth), rheanna27 (on LiveJournal)
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Rheanna is a well-known fan author who writes in multiple fandoms. She entered fandom in 1998, in The X-Files fandom, and published her first fanfiction for Stargate SG1. By 2000, she had entered the Angel fandom, where she soon became one of the best-known writers. Rheanna moved on to other fandoms after 2003, and has subsequently written in the Battlestar Galactica (2003), Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, and Star Trek (2009) fandoms, among others.

Rheanna writes: "My main fannish activities are writing and reading fic; I'm monofannish by nature, and tend to stick with one fandom for a couple of years at a time. I've written gen, het and slash, although I think of myself as a gen girl at heart. Above all, I love a good story, and so most of what I write (and read) is long-ish and plotty."[1]

She has made a blanket statement permitting further transformation of her fanfiction.[2]


Most of her Angel the Series stories were novellas or novels which centered on the character Angel. She wrote gen ensemble pieces, as well as Angel/Cordelia (under the pseud inamorata). She co-wrote two AtS novels with Yahtzee. Almost all her AtS stories were very widely recommended, and Rheanna twice won the Best Angel Story category of the Halo Awards. Yahtzee writes: She captures the flavor of the show's dialogue better than just about any other writer out there.[3]

A selection includes:

  • Another Life (as inamorata) -- dark alternate universe. Doyle writes: My favourite A/C story.[4]
  • Crave -- Nestra writes: A great story that could be an episode, with a plot that gets to the heart of Angel's nature.[5]
  • For One Night Only -- Astrid writes: Of all the Angel fanfic I've read, this one probably comes closest to an actual episode of the show.[3]
  • In the Waiting -- original character point of view. Firerose gives this as a good example of a realistic, fleshed-out OC.[6] Awarded Best Angel Story in the Summer/Fall 2002 Halo Awards.[7]
  • Splinter -- novel co-written with Yahtzee. Vonnie writes: an inventive, original and truly moving new fic by the two of the best Buffy and Angel writers in the fandom.[3]
  • Vivere -- Nestra writes: this story, in my opinion, illustrates the best thing about fanfiction: a well-written story can make me believe just about anything.[3] & She's got all the characters dead cold. She's got a plot that I would kill for. She's got emotion and angst and joy. It's transcendent.[5]

Doctor Who

Rheanna's best-known story in this fandom is probably Ulysses, a thoughtful AU.

Stargate Atlantis

In this fandom Rheanna wrote mostly McKay/Sheppard and a few gen stories. Many of her fics were widely recced.

Star Trek (2009)

Lunch and Other Obscenities is a popular early Gaila & Uhura story. Astrid writes: A fantastic, well-rounded story about culture clashes, friendship, and linguistics.[11]

Other Fandoms


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