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Name: busaikko
Alias(es): marysuefanfic on Delicious
Type: writer, vidder, really bad photomanipper
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, due South, Good Omens, The Dark Is Rising, Vorkosigan Saga
URL: busaikko's fanfic webpage,
busaikko at the AO3,
busaikko's LJ, busaikko's DW
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busaikko is a fan writer, vidder, and wiki contributer for several fandoms.

as a writer

busaikko's first fanfic was an epic Starblazers saga produced in elementary school. She went on to write lots of bad, bad, bad Mary_Sue fic in junior and senior high, not to mention the poetry.

writing online

busaikko wrote only for her own twisted amusement for the ten years or so after high school, until she discovered the Internet. She went from reading Vetinari/Vimes to Snape/Lupin (copperbadge can probably be blamed), and wrote her first stories for the Master and the Wolf Snape/Lupin Fuh-Q_Fest. She's been writing ever since. She has a wiki page over at Snupin Central Wiki as well.

Her stories are posted mainly to her LJ and to her webpage, but she also has a SkyeHawke account. Many of her Snape/Lupin stories are on MoonShadow. Some of her Stargate Atlantis fic is on WraithBait.

fic exchanges, challenges, and awards

busaikko has written for a number of holiday and other fic exchanges.

busaikko has had several stories nominated for the McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards: War Stories, How to Win a War, By Whirlwind Scattered, The Mountains of Madness and the Bright Blue Sky, A Hundred Happy Things (also nominated as Best Story), Only Someone Running, The Minstrel Boy, and Crash.


busaikko's fic has been recorded in mp3 and m4b format and kindly hosted on General Jinjur's Audiofic Archive.

busaikko participated in the 2008 amplificathon. The stories she recorded can be found here: sahiya's A Covert Affair (Vorkosiverse), makesmewannadie's Everybody Needs Somebody to Love ( The Blues Brothers), and sister_wolf's Burning Down the Motherfucking House ( dueSouth/ Hard Core Logo crossover).

zine publication

busaikko was an editor of and contributor to her high school's SFF zine. No links available.

busaikko was an editor of and a contributor to the Snape/Lupin zine Chocolate and Asphodel, published in November, 2007. Her story was Here, where the world is quiet.

as a vidder

Some of busaikko's fanvids are on YouTube; other vids can be downloaded from her website. She vids mainly in dueSouth, Twitch City, and Stargate Atlantis fandoms.

Her Remus/Sirius Shoebox Project video So Sirius was shown at VividCon 2008 in the Vids that Push the Envelope category.

as a moderator

On LiveJournal, busaikko is a co-moderator for the communities accio_rs_fics (a search community for Remus/Sirius fics) and wolf_dog_snake for the threesome Snape/Black/Lupin.

busaikko founded and co-modded the Remus/Sirius holiday gift exchange community rs_small_gifts with magnetic_pole. She was co-mod for 2006 and 2007.