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Name: SlashCity
Owner/Maintainer: ZorroRojo and Robin Serrano
Type: web host
current versions

wayback versions
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SlashCity is a slash fandom web host.

Its Origins

Looking back at the roots of SlashCity in 1997 as a Star Trek slash site shared with friends to cut down on expenses, Robin adds, “Those were the days of a constant worry about having our sites deleted by our Web hosts. The common theme in discussions about our sites was what to do to avoid having our sites disappear overnight, victim to a Web host’s fear of being sued or the host’s hostility toward our subject matter. “That was the primary driving force behind SlashCity hosting more and more fans on our site, and seeking out hosting solutions that would minimize that risk. We were a safe haven for other slash fans, and our choices and the ways in which we grew were all with that purpose in mind. “The explosion of slash fans that came with The Phantom Menace in 1999 served to create additional awkward feelings of slash being in the spotlight, which fed the fears of site deletion, and made us at SlashCity all the more resolved to be a place where those fears could be put to rest by acquiring our own servers. Two of us had worked in Internet technology fields, and decided we could teach ourselves what was needed to host. “Most hosts have the policy of delete first and ask questions later. Our policy was—and still is— to actually examine the veracity of any complaints and fight for our Web sites. We serve a niche, and out of love rather than money, so every single site is important to us and we’re motivated to do right by our site owners.[1]

Issues in 2001

In 2001 someone else bought the website off the registrar and all sites moved temporarily to[2] By the end of 2001 that problem was resolved.

Please remove every link to slashcity.NET and any subdomain of from your links pages, recs pages, blogs, archives, etc.

The outfit who stole our domain name has put up a porn site and a big notice that the domain name is for sale. They have hit counters on every single page. Every time someone accesses a page, their hit counters go up and the ransom for our domain name goes higher.

We've put in a bid for our name back, but haven't heard anything from them yet. I have a feeling they're waiting to see how many hits they get so they can charge us based on that.

Since and subdomains get over 1,000,000 hits a month, their eyes are probably lighting up with dollar signs as they see the hits go higher and higher.

So please, remove any and all links to and subdomains from your pages. They only lead to tasteless porn sites.

SlashCity Admins
ZorroRojo and Robin Serrano[3]



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Slashcity provides affordable, reliable web hosting for just about every kind of slash site. A simple trip to the index page will show you that there is a huge wealth of knowledge and entertainment stored on the sites there. If the Slashcity server ever went down, half the slash world would collectively soil itself. The main site itself and the hosting options have been upgraded by leaps and bounds this year. It's a necessary resource for all of us. [4]


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