The Quantum Leap Slash Archive

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Name: The Quantum Leap Slash Archive
Date(s): 1998-today (last update 27 September 2004)
Type: slash archive
Fandom: Quantum Leap
URL: Wayback link
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The Quantum Leap Slash Archive is a fanfic archive for Sam/Al slash. It's hosted at SlashCity. The archive hosts 229 stories, 9 poems and 3 filks.

In later years, it appears that it moved to this site, taking many of the same content, and taking the tag line "...keeping the love alive."


The archivist describes on the main page:

WELCOME to the Quantum Leap Slash Archive. I decided to create this archive in order to combat the strange lack of QL slash on the web -- there seems to be plenty of it in zines, but appallingly few web-published stories. Zines are all well and good, but if you're like me, you can't afford too many of them. So, please, people, send me your QL slash stories! This is the place for them. Click here to see the submission guidelines.

So what is slash, you say? Slash is a subgenre of fanfiction; it posits a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two characters of the same gender -- two men, usually. So the QLSA is the place for stories that show Sam and Al in a different way than was presented on the TV show. Here, they're in love as well as friends. (Of course, we're happy to include stories with other pairings as well, so long as it's QL related. Sam with an original character, or Al and Gooshie -- whatever!)

All stories on this page are set in the Quantum Leap universe; Sam, Al, and everything pertaining to Quantum Leap belong to Belisarius Productions, not to me or to any of the authors seen here. No disrespect is intended by the production of this fanfic, but rather a tribute to a show and characters we love.

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WARNING: These stories contain homoerotic content, and many of them contain explicit descriptions of m/m sex. If such things offend you, or if you are underage, please GO AWAY NOW! Thank you.


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