The Complete Kingdom of Slash

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Name: The Complete Kingdom of Slash, CKoS
Date(s): First Opened on 8 November 1998[1] - 08 April 2005
Archivist: Belynda
Founder: Belynda
Type: slash archive
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (1999/2000) (2000-2005)

Welcome to The Complete Kingdom of Slash.jpg
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The Complete Kingdom of Slash (CKoS) is a multifandom slash archive. It was previously called The Slash Archive for all Fandoms.[1]The archive was first hosted at and moved to in 1999 where it already had 156 Fandoms and over 1705 stories before it moved to in 2000.

From the old main page:
"This is a slash archive, containing stories about m/m or f/f sexual/romantic relationships. If you are under 18 or this isn't your cup of tea, leave now! You have been warned. The purpose of this Archive is to bring together a archive were a reader can find their much loved fandom. And as of 16 February [1999], we now have 30 Fandoms to choose from."[1]

The image on the intro page was by Eng.

Mailing Lists

The link section listed a few egroups slash mailing lists[2] like slash_update, ACTION_slash, allslash, allslash-d, britslash, AngstFanFiction, BDSMSlash, FirstTimeSlash, AngelSlash, Doyle, bsgslash, batslash, CrusadeSlash, DSX, Herc-slash, joxer-luvs-ares, anyone_but_mac, HighlanderSlash, hlx, jagslash, Gateway, and infinitediversity.


Web Rings CKoS belonged to:

Mulder/Skinner Web Ring, RareSlash Ring, Ares and Joxer Slash, M/K Slash Ring, Slash Fan Fiction Ring, The Star Trek Slash Ring, Paris/Kim Slash Ring, Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring, Duncan Methos Slash Ring and the Sentinel Slash Webring.

"This Paris/Kim Slash Ring site is owned by CKoS."

Fan Comments

The largest collection of SLASH stories, any and all pairings, written in any and all fandoms. Browse by fandom or author, or try out a variety of search engines. Please note: the archive has only recently been overhauled to use the Automated Archive system, and as such is still in the process of adding old stories (of which there are thousands). New submissions are welcome, however. [3]
Description from the Due South Slash Site:
Slash Fan Fiction Archive for All Fandoms
Fandoms: All, and I been all. From Batman to Family Ties to Brimstone to X-files and Due South, we cover it all. There is also an extensive link page covering almost every fandom. A Poem page and a Zine page as well. We have it all.[4]


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