Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring

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Name: Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring
Date Founded: 1997
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Focus: Chakotay/Paris
URL: Terabithia's Illusionary Realm

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The Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring was a webring "for those of us who believe that Lt. Tom Paris and Cmd. Chakotay are destined to be together." The official homepage of the ring was Terabithia's Illusionary Realm and the ring officailly opened with the first sites being: Oct 28 '97 Terabithia's Illusionary Realm, Siubhan's House of Horrors, and Keikimo's Realm.[1]

Description from Spirit's Heavens:

The Chakotay/Paris Webring - of which this web-site is a proud member of. A list of approximately 45 sites at last count. Also information on joining if you think your site qualifies.[2]


Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring banner on the CPSG site. Each member of the ring had such a banner and the links at the bottom allowed to find the other ring members.

Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring members[3] included:


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