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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Vyola's Corner
Author: Vyola
Dates: December 1996 - 2009
Fandom: The Sentinel, Highlander, Voyager, Hercules
URL: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3018/ (February 1999, Wayback)
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/4418/ (January 1999)
http://www.geocities.com/ladyvyola/ (2001)
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Vyola's Corner is an author page. It was hosted by GeoCities and first went online in December 1996. The original URL of the Voyager page later became the SaNova Campus - Sith Academy.

The site was mostly knowns as a slash site with Sentinel and Voyager fic but it had Highlander and Hercules fanfiction too. It also had the lyrics to a filk song about the Mulder/Krycek kiss on the X-Files.

The page went down in 2009. By then it had changed names to Petals & Pixels and also hosted Smallville, Dead Zone, Good Omens, BtVS/AtS, and Sith Academy fic.

The site was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and it was linked to from The Sandburg/Ellison Romantics Association website. It was also a member of the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring and the Sentinel Slash Webring

Star Trek Voyager

"Duel of Hearts" (C/P PG) -- A totally AU snippit I've had on ice for a long time, hoping it'd grow into something bigger. Maybe a little light and air will help.

"Pool Cues" (C/P PG-13 Humor) -- Candlelight, soft music, a little sweet talk. All the traditional trappings of romance. And then there's Chakotay and Paris....

"In Silence and Apart" (C/P NC-17) -- Warning: Contains non-consensual and bdsm themes. A Chakotay/Paris PWP and different from my usual tone.

"Happy Birthday, Tom" (PG-13, Humor) -- What does Tom really want for his birthday?

TRIOS series (J/C/P NC-17) "Invitation" -- Janeway's POV, as she considers personal relationships and extends two invitations. "Seduction" -- Chakotay's POV, as he joins Janeway in a seduction of Paris. "Consummation" -- Paris's POV, as the relationship comes to a crisis point.

"Second Impression" (C/P NC-17) -- Some classic h/c, gratuitous sex and a lot of angst as Paris and Chakotay work on a relationship while their friends watch in amusement and exasperation.

The Sentinel

"Double Blind" (J/B NC-17) -- Jim's got a new girlfriend -- and she looks just like Blair! Blair tells the tale in his own words. Originally appeared in Come To Your Senses #1.

The High Court of Senad -- OK, we're trying this again. This is an HTML page with links to individual jpgs so loading should not be a problem.

"Requiem" -- A very depressing poem that got me through the dark days just after Sentinel Too.

"Impermanence" (J/B G) -- Jim discovers the awful truth....

"Partners" (J/B, G) -- A response to the 'Real Senslash Challenge." How we might see the series end.

"Cat's Paw" (J/B NC-17) -- Set the night after 'Warriors'. A gift for a friend who swoons at the thought of Jungle Jim and the panther morph.

"Dear Occupant" (J/B PG-13, Humor) -- Ever want to see what kind of e-mail Blair gets? It's scary how much some of these companies know about you....

"From the Journals of Blair Sandburg" (J/B PG-13, Humor) -- You know that diary Blair was talking about in 'Survival'? Well, it seems he's been having these strange dreams and writing them down....

"Puppy Love" (J/B PG-13, Humor) -- Maybe you shouldn't share every thought with your lover....

"After Hours" (J/B NC-17) -- Yes, finally! A PWP from the Senad Court Jester. A story for no reason except gratuitous sex.

"You're Nobunny 'Til Somebunny Loves You" (J/B PG-13, Humor) -- A (shudder) Easter Story. Even I can't describe this story and I wrote the darn thing!

"The Doctor Is In" (J/B PG-13, Humor) -- Blair discusses his new responsibilities with a therapist. Also published in Extra Touchy Frisky #1.

"Packing (J/B PG-13, Humor) -- The boys pack for an out-of-town assignment, set in the AU of "The Doctor Is In."

"Chemistry" (J/B PG-13) -- When Jim gets high on Godiva, some long-hidden truths are revealed. A Valentine's Day story.

"Kindred Spirits" (M/B NC-17 -- A Sentinel/Highlander cross-over) -- When Blair and Methos accidentally receive each other's book order, they meet and discover they have a great deal in common.

Drabbles: "Master Plan" -- from ep "The Rig" "Heat" -- from ep "Light My Fire" "Mixed Doubles" -- from ep "Light My Fire"

Poems: "Guidance"


"Three Scenes in Search of a Plot" (PG-13) -- Silly stuff. Throwaway lines that I couldn't bear to throw away. I think I've read way too much Rachael Sabotini.

"Manifest" -- Odd, I hadn't pegged Methos as a poet, at least not in this century. Let me know what you think.

"....And The Horse I Rode In On" -- A Methos story, rated PG-13 as it can be read with an UST-y eye. (That's Unresolved Sexual Tension, for the uninitiated.) The episode "Chivalry" from the ROG POV.

"Kindred Spirits" (M/B NC-17 -- A Sentinel/Highlander cross-over) -- When Blair and Methos accidentally receive each other's book order, they meet and discover they have a great deal in common.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

"Casus Belli" (A/J NC-17) -- My first Ares/Joxer! Hey, Miriam -- is it still a fandomette? As the God of War seduces him, a rescue party (Xena, Gabby, Hercules and Iolaus) sets out to save Joxer from his clutches. Silly them. Would you want to be saved?

"Cleanliness is Next to Godliness" (NC-17) -- A Bathtub Challenge story from the Hercfic list. The only guidelines: Iolaus slash, a bathtub and Cupid....

"A Song In His Heart" (G, Humor) -- Iolaus tries to express his feelings for Hercules and gets a little divine inspiration....


May 18, 1998

This is a parody of 'Oh, what a circus' from Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

Oh, what an episode!

Oh, what an episode! Oh, what a show!
The slashers have gone to town
Over a kiss in the dark in Mulder's front room.
We've all gone crazy,
Writing all day and posting all night,
Falling over ourselves to get all of the spoilers just right.
Oh, what an exit! That's how to go.
When they're writing your character off
Demand to say good-bye like Alex the Rat.
It's quite a sound effect
And hard for the 'shippers to explain away.
CC set the topic on all of the slash lists that day!
And who is this surfer Chris Carter
To incite such hysterical fervor?
He taunts and teases, he plays his mind games.
How will we ever get through this summer?
He has his moments, he has his style.
The best show on-line is the crowd
Hanging out in the chat rooms crying
'What did that mean?'
That kiss is canon now.
As soon as the heat from the episode clears
We're all gonna see -- and how! --
Great new fanfic for years!
You've made us so happy, Chris Carter.
It was a kiss to build a plot on.
First came 'Tunguska', with all its promise,
Then 'Red and Black' sure did deliver.
Sing, slash 'philes! Enjoy the ride!
Mulder's got one more secret to hide.
Fox, just relax, your love is true.
Alex is coming back to you.
M/K UST made us wait
'Til the 8th of March 1998.
Then the show came on, VCR tape ran
We got a scene near and dear to every slash fan
We craved slash fodder and we got just that
Between an agent named Fox and a gun-toting Rat.
We could've sat and watched all night,
They didn't do much but they did it right!
And there sat we, who'd kept the faith
From 'Sleepless' up through 'Patient X',
Who knew true love always will out
'Gainst fear and 'phobes and censors' clout,
Who all rewound to celebrate,
As Mulder spoke of twists of fate,
Our dreams come true, hopes justified --
A kiss on film can't be denied!
Sing, slash 'philes! Enjoy the ride!
Mulder's got one more secret to hide.
Fox, just relax, your love is true.
Alex is coming back to you.