Duel of Hearts

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Title: Duel of Hearts
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Date(s): December 1991
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: Zorro
Language: English
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Duel of Hearts is a gen 72-page, digest-sized Zorro anthology with fiction by Linda Mooney.

From Agent With Style: "Three tales -- imprisioned by a vengeful official, Diego is forced to reveal his secret identity to Victoria; a terrorist holds the pueblo hostage on Christmas Eve; and Victoria offers Diego a choice...her or Zorro."

From an ad in GAZ: "Stories of love and swashbuckling adventure based on the Family Channel television series... Recommended reading by the producer of the show."


  • Ring of Gold (5)
  • El Chacal (32)
  • The Passion of Saints (48)