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You may be looking for the zine X-Philes.

Synonyms: Philedom, X-Files Fan, X-Filer (the later two are usually used by media to describe fans of The X-Files)
See also: Fandom Nickname, Babyphile
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A term used by fans of Chris Carter's The X-Files to describe themselves. A play on words, Phile (from the Latin -phila, from Ancient Greek φίλος [philos], “dear, beloved”) is used in the fannish sense as someone who is a lover of a certain character of a show. The first use of "X-Phile" by a fan to describe themselves on alt.tv.x-files.creative was on May 8, 1994, but from the way it was used, the term appears to have been well-established at that point.[1]

According to the wikia The X-Files Wiki, Chris Carter originally called fans of The X-Files "File-o-philes" before the term X-Phile was coined.[2] The wiki also credits a man named Matt Grommes as the person who first used the term on an early Fidonet message board, but fails to source that claim.

The opposite of the word "phile" is "phobe."

Other Fannish uses of "Phile"

While "X-Phile" is most the commonly used fannish phrase, other fans have used the term in other ways. Some examples:


Some celebrities have "outed" themselves as X-Philes in some TV specials including writers Stephen King, Harlan Ellison[4] and William Gibson as well as singer/actress Cher. Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters had a short cameo in the third-season episode Pusher and admitted that he used to have a huge crush on Gillian Anderson in a 2014 talk show while sitting next to Anderson.[5] Other prominent fans are actors Robert Patrick, Joel McHale,[6] Robbie Amell[7] and BNF Kumail Nanjiani who all starred or guest starred on the show.

Some showrunners and directors like J. J. Abrams,[8] Bryan Fuller,[9] Ridley Scott[10] and Zootopia director Bryon Howard[11] also publicly claimed to be fans of the show.

Meta-ish perspective on Philes


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