Biblio Phile

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Title: Biblio Phile
Publisher: Yadda Press
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print, CD
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: Yadda Press Preview Page Biblio Phile Zine: flyer, Archived version
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cover by Biblio

Biblio Phile is a 314-page slash anthology of art and fiction by Biblio. It came in both print and CD. It includes two novella stories, a short stories, color illustrations and a 2005 desk calendar one can print out, with calendar illos also useable as desktops.


From the Flyer

We're delighted to present Biblio Phile, the first solo slash anthology written and illustrated by Biblio. I can't tell you how thrilled we are to be bringing you this fine collection of incredible stories and illustrations by Biblio. She has been gracing the Stargate fandom with her outstanding and extremely popular Stargate slash fiction for several years now, as well as graciously collaborating with me for the first two Six Packs. And now, we are proud to present Biblio Phile, an impressive showcase of her many talents. In these pages Biblio takes us on some amazing journeys, her imaginative, exciting and deeply evocative tales accompanied by some truly breathtaking illustrations. You're in for a real treat, folks. Oh yes, oh my.

Book Antiqua font, 12 point. 341 pages, 115, 975 words. 17 illustrations, including 4 full page. To help you find the stories quickly, in the Word version of the zine (CD-ROM) there are hyper-links taking you from the table of contents direct to the story. In the printer-friendly PDF version of the zine (CD-ROM and eBook download) use the bookmarks tab to navigate direct to the story.[1]


  • ‘A Beautiful Necessity’ ("After 7 years of being broken in, Jack is used to giving Daniel whatever he wants. But this time, what Daniel wants is Jack.")
  • ‘The Lotus-Eaters’ Novella. ("His mind overwhelmed by a mysterious alien influence, Jack takes irrevocable action which will change his relationship with Daniel forever.")
  • ‘We Practise to Deceive’ ("Novella. Can two wrongs make a right? When Sam pushes Jack to the edge of his control, an unsuspecting Daniel takes the consequences.")