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Name: Biblio
Fandoms: Stargate SG-1
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Biblio is a Stargate SG-1 writer.

A fan's comments in 2001:
Biblio has to be the best new writer to pop up in the Stargate fandom, like...ever. I recommend her stories to just about everyone that is interested in the fandom. Her works are alternately angsty, funny, sweet, and loving. She writes some of the best Jack/Daniel slash out there. The best to start with are her stories Prodigal Son, which is pre-slash, and it's slashy sequel Passion Play. Jack's family in that falls under the heading of don't drink anything while reading it. Or don't read it at night when everyone else is in bed, you'll wake them up. The Starting Points series is equally good. But all of her stories are. She manages to do some of the best episode related stories I've ever seen. Managing to interject the characters relationship into the eps without changing them too much. All of her work is truly fabulous and not to be missed though. She is a truly talented writer who has become one of my favorites. When I am bored with nothing else to read, she's one of those writers whose stories I go back and reread just for the heck of it. Knowing they are good and I won't be disappointed. [1]



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