Stealing Minnesota

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Title: Stealing Minnesota
Author(s): Biblio
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Stealing Minnesota is a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel story by Biblio.

Reactions and Reviews

Man, just when I thought that Biblio's writing couldn't possibly get any better. She surprises me yet again. I thought her last fic A Quiet Victory was good. This one is so much better. Her talent just grows as she gains more experience under her belt. One day I may just hate her, so jealous will I be of her talent. I doubt it though, I've talked to her and she's a lovely person. I talked to her after this fic was posted. We got to talking about how we both agreed that Danny was a big old alpha dog and that what we both loved with the J/D interaction was the give and take. How they challenged one another. Neither of us see Danny as an absolute bottom. I personally think both he and Jack fall into the top/bottom range. It's that give and take of their relationship, the balance they have that leads me to think that. In this fic the guys get together and then really have to define their relationship. Danny challenges Jack's pre-conceived ideas about how their sexual relationship is going to be. Who's going to take on what roll and so on. He really makes Jack see beyond the shit hot lust and to the love. Jack knows it's there he just has to realize that Danny doesn't want to give up anything of who he is to please Jack. That they have to find a way to allow their personalities to remain in tact. Keep that give and take. Both be alpha dogs and share everything with one another. I really like how Danny challenges Jack, which is something he does all the time on the show. Makes Jack step back and think, see another option, another way that things could be done. I think she captured Daniel and Jack beautifully in this. I just love how she writes a mature Daniel and a smart Jack. Neither a stereotype, both truly the guys we see on screen in this romantic relationship. I always say one of the things I like best about slash (besides the sex <wg>) is that the writer has to face the challenge of convincing the readers that these two men, who might be het on the show, would be in a loving sexual/romantic relationship. I've found a lot of fics that didn't convince me at all. Biblio never fails to make me believe these two guys are in love and attracted to one another. The fact that her fics just keep getting better is a true delight. By the way, there's a problem that has arisen with A Dinner of Herbs, which she promised would come out around Christmas. She felt there was so much to tell that she had to split it up into two stories. So there will be another story coming along in the A Curse and a Blessing series after Dinner of Herbs. Which is going to be coming out around Christmas like promised. I'm so disappointed. NOT! I'm all giggly because there's going to be more of Joe, Kate, and Aunt Ruth. What a hardship. I'm all bouncy at just the thought of it. More adventures of the O'Neill clan. Tee Hee! [1]


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