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Pairing: Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Canonical?: no, but approved by actors
Prevalence: slash OTP
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Jack/Daniel, the pairing of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, is the main slash pairing in Stargate SG-1.


thefakeheadline writes in her Jack/Daniel ship manifesto:

"Their contrasting viewpoints cause a lot of friction and debate throughout the series. [...] Their different approaches tend to balance each other out, and over the eight years of the series so far they've become comfortable with meeting in the middle. Why do I love this pairing? Because they know each other incredibly well, have each seen the other at his best and worst, and still clearly enjoy each other."[1]


The Colonel and the Spacemonkey

Actors Meta

  • Shanks' memorable J/D impression at some con. [YouTube clip] [partial transcript]
    • Michael: Here I am, talking about some homosexual relationship you all already know about.
    • Christopher: You mean, Jack and Daniel aren't together?
  • Shanks's various remarks about his belief in the vital importance of J/D, and his discomfort with the S3/4 changes in the show and opposition to S/J:
    • [source]: "I though that the Daniel/Jack relationship would be the central focus. That's why I signed on to do it."
    • [source] "I believe the relationship of Jack and Daniel was definitely one of the most appealing factors that STARGATE had created for the past five years. Everything else stemmed from that."
    • [source] "I love [the witty rapport and verbal shorthand]. Rick and I didn't really know each other before we began working together on Stargate, but midway through the first season we discovered we had a similar sense of humor. We decided to play with this in the show and, once we saw that it worked, kept it up. The writers picked up on what we were doing and began writing lines for us in the scripts. For me, that's one of the highlights of doing this show."
    • [source] "I think with the chemistry between Rick and I, the chemistry between the two characters did become an important part of the show. I'm happy to say that that warmth still exists today between Rick and myself and the other members of the team on and off screen. But after the third season, the show started to go in a different direction. It veered off on a path that I initiated in that I wanted some resolution to the Daniel/Sha're arc and wanted to bring out the darker side of the character I played. By the start of the fourth season, things seemed to be going in a direction that I wasn't comfortable with."
    • [source] "I found [sidelining Daniel] happened more and more [in season 4], especially since the creation of this red-herring relationship between Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter [Amanda Tapping]. The series has gone in a direction that I did not expect, and, believe me, I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all. I'm just saying I think Daniel has been slightly limited this year in his actual interaction with the team."
    • [source] "A bit of a changing of the guard had happened on the production side of Stargate at the end of Season Three," he explains, "and I saw early in Season Four what was going to happen. They were trying to introduce this character of Anise [the glamorous Tok'ra played by Vanessa Angel], and all of a sudden this love relationship between Carter and O'Neill seemed to blossom, and I just went to the writers of the show and went 'What are you doing, what's going on here? You're making it into a soap opera!'
    • [source] "Others have talked about the whole idea of developing relationships between the characters, as in a love interest between O'Neill and Carter for example, but to me there's just no place for it. If you want to see something like that, there are a lot of shows on television that offer that kind of thing and have a lot more time to do it."
  • RDA and Shanks in a 2013 interview: [interview transcript] [NEW: Video]
    • Host: I just wanted to know, how would you guys describe your relationship on the show, your characters?
    • RDA: Kinda gay, kinda gay...
    • Shanks: [confirming nod]
    • RDA: Little bit gay.
    • Host: Were you happy that the show ended before the term "bromance" became really popular?
    • Shanks: [looks at RDA] No, we were just kinda gay. I mean it really wasn't like a... [clenches fist for emphasis]
    • RDA: So, no denial. We're so, so confident in our masculinity that we're unafraid of the term... happy, or gay.
    • Shanks and RDA: [look at each other and grin knowingly]
    • RDA: You got to be careful here, there's a fine line where it's becoming serious...
    • RDA and Shanks: [pause and laugh together]
    • RDA: [gestures at Shanks] He's got three kids, I got one, you do the math.
    • RDA: [pauses, looks at host] Oh, about the show? It was fun! We had fun teasing the... teasing everybody, I think. [looks at Shanks] It was like, we didn't start anything, it was just our general behavior, when the mix of our two personalities together on camera, was quite... flitty and fun. And, um, people interpreted that as something more.
    • RDA: [aside] Unfortunately, Michael didn't.
    • Shanks: Awkward!
    • RDA: [laughs]
  • Michael Shanks at the SGCHI Stargate Chicago convention (2015), via a Twitter user:
    • Q: favorite love scene in stargate? A: "the jack/Daniel ones in slash fanfic" -MS
  • Shanks on slash in 2003: "There's a large contingent of Jack and Daniel, er, what are they, slashers?" "Whatever floats your boat, whatever stirs your coffee!" [interview link]
  • Shanks on Jack and Daniel in 2003: "I think they’re pretty much like an old married couple now, so I don’t know how they can get any worse or any better in any regard, but I think at some point there has to be more acknowledgement of the friendship they have had. That’s always gone, more or less, unspoken in many ways. They’ve had their moments of love and hate, they’ve fought, but I think their particular love/hate relationship is very balanced.” [interview link]


  • TPTB's panicky over-reaction to the existence of slash (i.e. no more touching in season 4!!) and how it backfired in the fandom. (Despite TPTB's reluctance, the research reveals that RDA and Shanks are very okay with the whole thing.)
  • Wedding outtakes in episode 200, the meta episode that alluded to the existence of J/D slash. RDA in a TV guide interview about episode 200: [interview quote] "Anderson goes off to rehearse the big wedding scene. Sam (Amanda Tapping) is the bride, and Daniel (Michael Shanks) is the best man. No doubt saluting the fans who want Jack and Daniel to hook up, they do a couple of "Brokeback" takes. In one, Richard takes the bouquet out of Amanda's hands and gives it to Michael. In another, Richard takes Michael's hand at the altar, which causes the assembled cast and crew to erupt in applause. (You'll just have to watch to see what ends up on air.)"
    • TV Guide: That was cute, the hand-holding with Michael.
    • Anderson: [Laughs] Over the years, it's been alluded to, so we did that just for us."
  • Article (2005) about J/D and the meta:
    • "Michael Shanks, the actor portraying Daniel Jackson, openly speaks with fans about the less-than-heterosexual subtext often present between his character and that of Jack O’Neill, and has stated openly on one of the series DVDs that their bantering style of communication is due in part to 'homosexual tension.'"
      • Shanks's comment is transcribed here as "...in a DVD commentary (7.01 "Fallen") that 'the Daniel-Jack banter is somehow based in strange, non sequiturs and ... unrequited homosexual tension'." This source remembers it similarly; this one remembers it as "unresolved homosexual tension." (Unclear who is the unrequited one in this scenario.)
    • "The Powers That Be behind the series, such as Executive Producers, writers and showrunners Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright, producer, writer and director Peter DeLuise, and producer and director Martin Wood, have acknowledged, both directly to fans at convention appearances and in the DVD commentaries, the emotional bonding between the two male characters, and the at-times homosexual nature of the relationship as it is seen by many viewers, and they have not been loath to play to this viewpoint."
    • "This is especially significant considering views expressed by showrunner Cooper concerning his own personal discomfort at seeing men touch other men's faces, and perhaps it speaks much to events that have transpired on the series throughout the years."
  • From Gateworld, on 4x18 (The Light):
    • "['The Light'] will put to rest any doubts any of you have about Jack's feelings for Daniel." (Writer / supervising producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a chat at the SG1 Fans Web club)

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  1. ^ Old Married Couple in Space Jack/Daniel essay by thefakeheadline at Ship Manifesto, 6 September 2004. (Accessed 1 May 2011; archive.is capture 16 April 2017.)