Points of Departure

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Title: Points of Departure
Publisher: Yadda Press
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print, CD
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: Yadda Press Preview Page Points Of Departure Zine: flyer, Archived version
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Points of Departure is a 440-page slash anthology. The CD version is over 600 pages and includes a 2005 calendar. Color cover and art by Maureen Middleton, Lady Grey, Thalassa.


From the Flyer

Welcome to "Points of Departure", the newest Jack/Daniel slash anthology zine from Yadda Press. I'm sure you'll recognize many of our very talented contributors and they've pulled out all the stops to bring you some truly amazing tales. Our 'mission' for this zine was to stretch the creative envelope just a little, write something outside of our usual comfort zone, and I'm sure you'll find the results engaging and thought-provoking. Be prepared to take some unique journeys and view the characters in ways you maybe have never considered before.

We have short stories, longer tales and, quite unique to this zine format, four novellas (stories of more than 100 pages in length) by Biblio, Pepe, Kalimyre and Lady Grey. Coming in at 603 pages, we're around twice as long as the average Stargate novel! We have intriguing alternate universes, drama, pathos, horror, humour and H/C. Tales that will make you weep, stories that will make you think, and will have you on the edge of your seat with suspense.

Thanks go to Maureen Middleton, Lady Grey and Thalassa for gifting us with some stunning original artwork.

As a special Christmas gift to all of our loyal customers - and a 'golden hello' to our newbies - we're adding the Jack/Daniel themed 2005 Calendar Bundle to your zine package. Check out the galleries of all the artwork included in your bonus calendar here.

Come depart with us on a journey you won't soon forget!

The Zine: Single Column, 12 point Book Antiqua Font. Many full colour illustrations and original artwork. A massive 603 pages, 214,893 words. Almost 40 illustrations, full colour and original artwork. [1]


From the distributor, Lionheart Distribution.

  • ‘Perspicacity’ by Kalimyre ("Warnings: Probably sappy in places. Some language. Notes: Thanks to the Heartsisters for welcoming me into the group and offering such generous encouragement. You guys are the best! Special thanks to Darcy who cheered me on non-stop no matter how busy she was. Jack is given a gift of great value.")
  • ‘The Gift’ by Lady Grey ("Warnings: Danny-whumping in the extreme! Notes: This story is quite the “SG-1-steps-into-the-Twilight Zone” kind of fic. It was fun and dark and sexy, and I had a great time writing it. Thanks to my local Stargate buddy for the idea, and to Jude, who had to wade through a subject that normally turns her WAY off, but she found a way to get through it like the trooper she is. Bless you, gal! Thanks for your always-brilliant direction, and making me get it right every time. Quotations from All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque: While on a very strange alien world, Daniel begins to change from geek to intergalactic babe, and no one is able to resist him -- not even Jack – but the results are horrifying.")
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by JoaG ("Daniel discovers a disturbing truth about Osiris.")
  • Time To Say Goodbye by Babs ("The re-appearance of Nick causes some questions for Daniel.")
  • Four Runs, One Hit, Lots of Eros by Mellendramatic (Jack takes Daniel out to the ballgame and scores a home run.)
  • Love Takes Many Forms by Lunar ("Even the strongest person can find themselves in a situation out of their control.")
  • ‘Seize the Day’ by Biblio (AU. When a passionate, idealistic young English archeologist meets his cynical aggravating American patron, more than cultures clash. "Notes: This story was written in homage to the incomparable author Elizabeth Peters, who took care to write about the partnership of true equals. Jack and Daniel's ages, nationalities and histories have been altered to suit 1897 but their essential characters I hope remain true to the boys we know and love in SG-1. Archaeological history is borrowed from Flinders Petrie. Acknowledgements: My sincere thanks and appreciation to Sally and Marcia for nagging, feedback and contribution of story demands - um - ideas, and to Phee the Alpha Beta :) The story itself is Marcia's birthday fic. When a passionate, idealistic young English archaeologist meets his cynical, aggravating American patron, more than cultures clash.")
  • ‘Starting Points’ by Pepe ("Sometimes people aren’t who they seem to be, an an act of passion in the past can lead to a whole new life in the present.")
  • The New Kid on the Block by Devra ("Doctor Brightman realises her job at the SGC encompasses more than just using her medical skills.")
  • Consequences by Fabrisse ("SG-1 deals with the repercussions of the Enkaran/Gadmeer situation.")
  • Intercession by PhoenixE ("Even when she seems the cruellest, Fate can be an unexpected friend.")


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