Fire and Ice (Stargate SG-1 story by ELG)

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Title: Fire and Ice
Author(s): ELG
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Fire and Ice is a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel story by ELG.

Reactions and Reviews

Ok now, if you've read my bitch fest, you know how I feel about the 'Suddenly Gay' phenomenon that can be so prevalent in slash. If you are going to go that way with a story though, this is a proper way to do it. One of the main problems I often have about the 'Suddenly Gay' thing is how easy the guys slip in to it. They have just realized after 30 or 40 years of believing they were heterosexual that they have fallen in love with a member of the same sex and they have no problems with that? Hello! What planet are you from? Like that would ever happen. Such a shocking realization about yourself at mid-life can be stunning and life-altering. It throws you for a loop and changes the whole way you look at yourself. I hate it when it is so damn simple for the guys in stories to deal with this abrupt about face. In this story though, the guys don't deal with it well. Jack fucking freaks. (It's told from his POV.) It takes him quite a while to come to terms with things and even once the guys work everything out he's still trying to process things in his head. Get used to it, work things out as it goes along. This isn't exactly a first time or an established relationship story. As it goes along we find out the guys had a brief (albeit drunken) interlude sometime back. They decided it could never happen again, compartmentalized it in their brains, sublimated any further desires, and thought everything was ok. Denial is one of those things you can use to put things off until later, but they are really just sitting there festering waiting to explode outward. It takes some jealousy and a whole lot of build up before things really reach the boiling point and everything either comes to the surface and they deal with it or things are fucked up forever. Some angst in this one, but it is manageable. Not to heavy. I liked the fact that she made Jack fucked up about this. Throughout season 4 Jack was pretty shitty to Daniel, though this current season things are better. She uses those attitudes and some events from season 4 to prove Jack's angst and sublimation. Or maybe she explains season 4's troubles between the guys using all that repression and denial going on in the story. Hmmm. Works both ways. It's a great story that I just fell into and really liked. First 'suddenly gay' story that I ever really thought showed a good helping of angst and freak out. I mean the guy is in the military, big homophobic environment. So it should be expected he'd angst. I mean the guy could get thrown in prison for it. Even with the 'don't ask, don't tell' thing. Gotta expect him to have some issues. [1]


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