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Name: Glacis
Alias(es): Bren Antrim, Seeker, Sue Castle
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, X-Files, The Sentinel, Smallville, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate SG-1, Angel the Series, The Professionals, Highlander, etc
URL: Castle's Keep (Castle's Keep)
Seeker's Snape-slash Space (HP fiction, c. 2002)
Stories by Seeker at Ink Stained Fingers
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Glacis is a long-time fan who has written in several fandoms.

In 2012, Glacis said: "Fandom, I got into in the early 70's as a child, ok, I wasn't that young a child, but writing I got into in 1982. So this is my twentieth anniversary as a fan writer. Which is kind of scary when you think about it. Three hundred and fifty-ish stories in forty-ish fandoms?" [1]


Published fan fiction writer since 1992; fan convention goer since 1979; fan since birth. Began writing alone, not realizing others wrote these ‘fan stories’, then shared with friends on the STWTTF mailing list, who introduced her to JC, who led her to MG, who brought her to Escapade, and placed before her the wonder that was slash fandom; wrote her first fan fiction on paper in 1991, read her first zine four years later, and she's never looked back.

Background: Own web archive since 1995. Over 300 stories in 70 fandoms as of 2015. Web published with permission in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Chinese, and Japanese. Print published with permission in English and Japanese. Published in USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Japan. Published for the first twelve years under own name (bren antrim), now uses the pseudonym ‘glacis’ for current stories, ‘seeker’ for Potter universe stories, and ‘sue castle’ for inactive fandoms.

Method: Glacis writes primarily slash but also gen and het stories. She began in Deep Space Nine fandom then, at the same time as Cody Nelson, but independent of one another, wrote the first Krycek/Mulder stories in the XFiles fandom, before branching out. Favorite form: crossover slash. Will often follow particular actors from one character to another, sometimes slashing their characters; does not write RPS. Participates in online archives (like Area 52 for SG-1) and fan fests (such as the Snape fest or the Small Fandoms Fest) as well as Archive of our Own[2] and her home archive.[3]

Memorable moment: when Donna Barr created a Rat Patrol/Desert Peach comic back cover to go along with her crossover story in Flanking Maneuvers 4 (The Under the Crescent Moon Raid).

In March 2010, she participated in The Hatstand Author Interviews which can be read here.[4]


Fan Comments

[Regarding her Sentinel fiction]: Brenda Antrim - in all her various personifications - tends to write long, dark, angsty stories that are usually not to my taste. This one is an exception in all respects. The characterizations are pre-Alex, the plot a bit clichéd, and there refreshingly is no expounding on the mystical component of the sentinel-guide relationship. All in all, this is a solid story set early in the series that allows Blair to be on the bottom without being transformed into a feminized version of himself. Well worth reading. [5]

Notable Works


2004 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards Best SG-1/SG-1 Story ("Subjugation")

2004 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards Best Episode-based Story ("Who We Are")

2003 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards Best Slash Pairing Focused ("Perspective")

2000 Lisa e Krysa award winner (tie) for Best Long Story ("Any Weapon"; Mulder/Krycek)

1998 Slash Talent in Fandom (STIFfie) award for Best X Files Story ("Stealing a Moment")

1997 first recipient of the Whammy Big ‘O’ Award for excellence in X Files slash

Print zines

2015 Escapade 25th Anniversary Zine (Intervention; SG1/Highlander/Buffy/Harry Potter)

2004 Blood+Sugar+Sex+Magik (in Japanese; "Unexpected" Series; Potterverse)

2002 Flanking Maneuvers 4 ("The Under the Crescent Moon Affair"; Rat Patrol/Desert Peach)

2002 Reforging Ties (in Japanese; translated by Riko)

2002 Even Less to Hide ("Binding Ties"; Lord of the Rings)

2000 Chevron One Encoded ("Multiplicity"; SG-1)

2000 Crossroads ("Definition of Okay"; Sentinel)

1999 A Little Mystery (self published; multiple fandoms)

1998 Virtual Pros: The Christmas Edition (CI5 list; "Flip Sides"; Professionals)

1998 Nothing to Hide ("Stealing a Moment"; X Files/Once a Thief)

1998 Double eXposure ("Spalniy Vagon"; X Files)

1997 X-plicit Fantasies ("Choices"; X Files)

1997 eXposure ("Homecoming"; X Files)

1997 Love and Guns II ("Reunions"; Sentinel)

1997 Virtual Pros (CI5 list; "Full Circle"; "Past Sins"; Professionals)

1996 Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life Too! ("Flashback", 2nd ed; Deep Space Nine)

1995 Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life! ("Voices"; Deep Space Nine)

1995 The Glass Floor ("Changes"; Deep Space Nine) – this zine contains essays and some fiction

1995 The Flaming Azalea (STWTTF list; "Way Station in Shadow"; Due South) – this zine contains essays, list history, poetry, art, and fiction.

1994 Flashback (self published)


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