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Title: Krychek
Author(s): Brenda Antrim
Date(s): July 15, 1995
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
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Krychek was the first Mulder/Krycek story posted to the internet. It is by Brenda Antrim.

Author's Comments

It was possibly the first M/K, which predated M/Sk.[1] Cody Nelson wrote an M/K about the same time I wrote Krychek. (we didn't even have a canonical spelling for the name) No one's been able to pin down which came first, but the Skinner stories came after the Krycek stories. The first XF slash story posted on the net was from Laura Cooksey, and involved Mulder and an original character named Ben.[2][3]
Nick Lea's agent told me that he found my Mulder/Krycek stories to be pretty funny. [laughter] Really? Yeah, my very first – Cody Nelson and I were the first people to write Mulder/Krycek stories. We both wrote our first Krycek story at the same time. They hadn't even put Krycek's name on the credits yet. So I actually misspelled his name as the title of the story, and I've never changed it, because that's how we – and Mulder, like, kills him in the end. After they have sex. It's like, "Oh, now I have my memory back, you must die!" Nick Lea liked that story! And I thought, "I love you. You're a sick man." [laughter] Keep on keeping on, man. So, you know? So, It's fun, you know.[4]

Reactions and Reviews

Hm. This one I remember -- it was even more of an, uh, surprise, than the first fanfic. It was "Krychek" by Brenda Antrim, back in, what in 1995. (It involved amnesia, break-ins, sex with strangers, murder and mayhem in like 25K.) Yes, the title was misspelled. No, I had no idea what slash meant. I found it on Gossamer. No, I wasn't looking for anything specific. Man, that was *old*! [5]
Little Sammy wrote an unauthorized fix-it for the ending of the story[6] and sent it to Brenda and some other X-Files fans. The title was Alex and it turned out quite long (173 KB). Brenda wasn't happy about it and accused her of plagiarism, likely because the first three pages were taken from 'Krychek', which was noted in the disclaimer but was perceived as violating fannish customs. This being her first fanfic, Sammy had no idea about these customs, apologized, and immediately switched fandoms. She later posted the story without the "Krychek" pages to her website Little Sammy's House of Fun.[7]
When Mulder develops amnesia after being shot, he turns his back on his paranoid thoughts and turns into the model FBI Agent. Does this sound farfetched and unbelievable to you? Well,the Consortium thought so, so they sent Alex Krycek to look in on Mulder one night to see if he was faking it.

The bedroom scene when Alex first finds Fox in bed asleep (surprise!) was great. I loved the cataloging of body parts as Alex was looking Fox over from feet to head. When Fox opened his eyes and stared at Alex (sigh!) and didn't recognize him, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Then came one of the best seduction scenes I've read in a long time. You could tell Brenda took her time as she slowly had Alex seduce Fox into having sex with him under the pretense that they were already lovers. The sex scene was wonderfully exciting and the climax was breathtaking to read.

When Mulder woke up with his memory intact and Krycek beside him in bed, and proceeded to take his revenge on him, I actually felt sorry for Krycek. The ending was pure Brenda Antrim and I refuse to give it away. I highly recommend you read this story.[8]


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