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Name: Slash Revolution International
Owner/Maintainer: Dean (Deannie?), R'Rain, Race
Dates: 14 March 1998 (update) or before - 27 April 1999 (Wayback capture) or later
Type: fanfic review site
Fandom: multi
URL: (Wayback link)
Slash Revolution International.png
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Slash Revolution International was a fanfic review site.

Reviews were posted by fans who had submitted a brief "resume" to the "Board of Review."

The site had a section on slash glossary terms, a list of common pairings, and a section for zine ads (for sale and trade) and submissions. It also provided banners for fans to use on their own sites.

Fiction was searchable by: title, authors, category, pairing, fandom, and possibly location (print zine or online). fandom.

The page had an warning: "Be it known that if you are under the age of consent in your area, you are currently in violation of SRI mandate #0103, and are instructed to turn back immediately. This is a base of operations for slash fanfiction, and is off-limits to minors!"