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Name/s: Doro (frogspace)
Fandom/s: Agent Carter, Alex Rider, AOS, AtS, Avengers, B5, Berserk, Brimstone, BtVS, Burn Notice, Captain America, Captive Prince, Daredevil (Matt Murdock!), Due South, Elementary, Farscape, Grimm, Harry Potter, Hawaii Five-0, Highlander, Iron Man, John Wick, Killjoys, TOS, VOY, Mag7, Marvel 616, MCU, Merlin, OaT, Person of Interest, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Popslash, Raumpatrouille, Robin of Sherwood, Sentinel, SG-1, SGA, SPN, Star Wars, TPM, Teen Wolf, TVD, XF, X-Men XWP
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Special Projects

This is going to be a collection of my personal editing guidelines. It's very much a work in progress. :)

Useful links

  • Gallery of new files. I LOVE THIS PAGE SO MUCH! <3
  • Wikipedia:Picture tutorial. Not everything explained in this tutorial works on Fanlore but all the information about galleries is from there.
  • Gallery of images. Info on how to change size and layout of a gallery.
  • Wikipedia:How to fix bunched-up edit links. Some solutions when nothing else works.
  • Uncategorized files. Useful for finding images that still need a fandom categories. Also helps finding duplicates.
  • Categories. Includes categories that don't exist yet but have been added to pages as red links. Useful for creating these wanted categories.
  • Template:ImageSummary - to be added to all images so that all the relevant information about an image is available there
  • Template:SexuallyExplicitImage - to be added to explicit images (Note: Fanlore defines explicit as anything that depicts persons engaging in sexual acts that also features visible genitalia. Sexual acts without visible genitalia and visible genitalia without sexual acts are not considered explicit for purposes of this wiki and don't need the template.) For a gallery of sexually explicit images, how to display them and what they look like on a page see Gayle F's art.


Image placement can be tricky. Thumbnails can be placed anywhere in the text. They will end up on the right and the text will float around them (floating left doesn't work without adding some complicated code and the result still doesn't work for all browsers Fixed! ETA: Add "left" like this: [[File:Name of image.jpg|thumb|left]]). If there are too many images and not enough text, the images will stack up. That can look pretty but usually it doesn’t. There are different solutions to this situation.

  • Adding a break with <br clear=''all''/> after a passage with an image avoids the problem of stacked up images but if there is not a lot of text, the page will end up looking mostly empty with a row of images on the right.
  • Adding this code <div style="float: right; clear: right"></div> to an image (insert image before) will make it float under the infobox or another image instead of stacking up.
  • Changing the size of the thumbnail can help with the layout of the page. Usually a thumbnail is 180px wide. Adding a different size to an image link changes the displayed size: [[File:Example_Image.jpg|250px|thumb|big blah]] will make the image display bigger, [[File:Example_Image.jpg|120px|thumb|small blah]] will make the image display smaller, etc. (for an example of smaller images in combination with breaks see Jack's Viking Sky)
  • If there are a lot images, creating a gallery usually works best. There can be one big gallery at the end of the page (see Suzan Lovett) or several smaller galleries throughout the page (see FOX Awards). The code for this kind of gallery is:
File:Example_Image.jpg|blah, blah, blah
File:Example_Image2.jpg|more blah
Changing the display size in this kind of gallery is possible according to wikipedia, but I haven't tried it yet. There are four images in a row, then the next row begins. Apparently the number of images in a row can be changed too. <gallery heights=200px widths=150px> (see Marilyn Cole) changes height and width of the gallery images and for example <gallery perrow=5> changes the number of images in a row (the default is 4 images per row). \o/ The formating of the example gallery above is <gallery heights=60px widths=100px perrow=5>.

Here another example. The gallery formatting looks like this: <gallery heights=260px widths=180px perrow=3>.

A different kind of gallery uses the code:
|[[File:Example_Image.jpg|thumb|blah, blah, blah]]
|[[File:Example_Image2.jpg|thumb|more blah]]
Here you can change the size of the image display but this gallery doesn't add breaks between the images so it continues in one long row that will make you scroll to the right if you add too many images. However, three (see Caren Parnes) or four images in a row looks fine.


text text Merlin/Arthur *squee!* text
text text text fanvids, yay! text text

Another solution with a bit more complicated formatting that can look very pretty is this one using picture tables: Maryrenaultfics Banners, Trekworld.

There is no place for images in any of the info box templates. :( However, that doesn't mean that images can't be added to the info box. After "external links" is a good place. I usually add a bit of empty space above and after the thumbnail with <br> and make the image float left to align with the text in the infobox.

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Make pages for all archives and fannish websites. Bwahahaha!!!!!

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