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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Heart of Slash
Author: Haleth Haladin
Dates: 2004 or before - 2008 or later
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Lotrips, Pirates of the Caribbean, Troy, Star Wars TPM, Boondock Saints
URL: http://www.heartofslash.net/ (Wayback link, 2005)
http://www.heartofslash.net/index.htm (Wayback link, 2007)
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Heart of Slash was a personal slash fanfiction and recommendation site with FPS and RPS. It had a Livejournal for feedback. Different fandoms had their own subpages and stories were sorted by characters on a general fandom page with links to all stories. There was also a page were the stories where sorted by kink.

The links for recommended stories went to other sites like for example The Haven Project and Salix's Smutty FanFiction.

Fictional Person Slash

Stories sorted by kink.
Stories sorted by character.

Pirates of the Carribean

The Pirate Way

The Beginning Chapter I, in which Jack has sex. [NC-17]

Jack Woos Will Chapters 2 - 11 In which someone who seems awfully familiar to Jack makes Jack want to get awfully familiar. And Jack almost gets as familiar as he wants to get...

Jack Wins Will Back Chapters 12 - 17 In which Jack has lost Will, but a little detail like that has never stopped Captain Jack Sparrow before.

Jack Enjoys Will Chapters 18 - 26 In which Jack and Will make their confessions to each other, and are then put in a position to test their convictions.

Jack Woos Will Some More Chapters 27 - 35 In which Jack and Will are no longer having a somewhat idyllic vacation, but must interact with each other under the scrutiny of others, in the light of day, and in the face of their nigh overwhelming lust for each other.

Jack Wins Will Again Chapters 36 - 45 In which Jack and Will are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control... but that’s another thing that’s never stopped Captain Jack Sparrow before.

Jack is Irked by Will's Family Chapters 46 - 52 In Which Jack finds out that the in-laws can be a formidable obstacle on the road to happiness.

Jack Loves Will Chapters 53 - 60 In which Jack stops caring about what other people think and cares only about Will... but even that has its hazards.

Jack and Will's Cave Adventure Chapters 60 - 69 In which Jack discovers that, sometimes, it’s fun to say good-bye to everyday routine to go on an adventure with your incredibly hot lover, his delectable brothers, and a randy heathen god.

Jack is Revealed to Will Chapters 70 - 76 In which Jack realises that getting out of town isn’t always an escape, that one’s past will always come back to haunt one... and that Will loves him very much (but we knew that).

Jack and Will Have Fun Chapters 77 - 82 In which Jack and Will do just that. This is not the plot heavy section of the epic (although there is some plot amidst the smut... somewhere....)

Jack and Will's Family Chapters 83 - 90 In which Jack discovers there are all sorts of families in the least expected places.

Jack Is Lost to Will Chapters 91- 96 In which tragedy strikes...

Jack and Will Forever Chapters 97 - 100 In which things have a way of working out for the best.

Index A handy listing of main characters and events with links to relevant chapters.

PotC Recs

  • Education by pir8fancier Will teaches Jack something. [R] Haleth’s Note: I must say, this fic makes me go a little wobbly in the knees. The idea that I had anything at all to do with it gives me one of those warm, quivery feelings inside, and then I turn to mush and I have to reread the part about the joy of a pirate doing things to Will...
  • Your Move Series by pir8fancier, as it appears at the Parley Archive. Includes Game, Set and Match and more, all found at pir8fancier’s parley page. Haleth’s Note: I didn’t used to be much of a Norrington fan (like, duh, you only have to read the Pirate Way to know that…) but this made me see him in a whole new light. Now I sort of like him, stuffed shirt and all. Norrington! Jack!! Chess!!! I’m swooning… this is the fic that made me understand the pairing. And I do love to broaden my horizons at every opportune moment. [Rater up to very naughty...]

Lord of the Rings

  • Extended Scenes – Sometimes there’s just a little something missing from a movie. Peter Jackson has been kind enough to give us some extended scenes on the DVDs. But even those don’t quite cut it sometimes…
  • HotElfDwarfLovin' – There’s something about the Elf and the Dwarf, is there not?
  • Heliotrope – Eomer/Legolas - It’s an old story. Boy meet Elf, drinks are consumed, a confession is uttered, an invitation extended, an invitation accepted. Legolas is not quite a prince. Eomer is not quite unhappy about that. [NC-17]
  • A Custom Shattered by Sarah - Gandalf/Gimli - Dedicated to Nefertiti. “Gimli's dark eyes were fixed on him now, as they always were when he talked. Gandalf noted that Gimli had a habit of finding the seat closest to him.”[NC-17] Haleth’ comments: Yay! Hot Wizard/Dwarf sex! This is a lovely story, and the relationship between these two is simply delightful. And hot. All that facial hair... mmmmm.
  • Plagued by Dreams by Theresa Green Faramir is hoping that a few days of hunting with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli will be a welcome break, but on the eve of the expedition, he discovers his companions are troubled by strange dreams. Can he unravel the mystery of the nightmares? Post ROTK. Haleth’s comments: Laughed my ass off. You will too. I can’t tell you how much I love this woman and her writing. Original, clever, funny... oh, just read it and you’ll see what I mean;-)
  • One- Line Fic – This could be the start of the newest literary trend…

Troy Fiction

  • Not Yours (Hector/Andromache/Paris) slash, het, incest – you name it. My attempt to explain why Paris snatched Helen. You can’t always get what you want. “But you can’t have him like that,” she panted. “You can’t have him like that because he’s not yours.” [NC-17]
  • Not Equals (Achilles/Eudorus) I can’t be the only one who saw the utter complete and obvious slashy subtext between these two fellas. Gah! Priam’s visit to Achilles made the great warrior question everything about his existence. Eudorus wants his old Achilles back. Part I “I am not an equal to you, my lord. No one is.” Part II “He sat back on his haunches, panting as if he’d just defeated a dozen men, when in reality he had brought but a single warrior down.” [NC-17 overall]
  • The Talk by Azarad. (Hector/Paris) [R] Haleth’s’ comments: Ooh, this fic is so good! Azarad knows her history, and has such a subtle way with words. Hector gives Paris ‘the talk’. You know, that talk. Birds, bees. Thrusting staffs and fertile fields. Oiled thighs. Very yummy! Warning: incestuous situation
  • World's Shortest Troy Fic Ever (Hector/Paris) [rating depends on how naughty your mind is.]
  • Hector and Andromache by Azarad Hetfic. (Hector/Andromache, somewhat obviously...) R-ish. Haleth’s comments: Made me weepy, this one did. Why DID he have to die? They buggered up the rest of the plot - couldn’t they have let Hector live??

Crossover Mania

  • Poker Face - Hidalgo/Ned Kelly Hybrid (Frank T. Hopkins/Joe Byrne) Cowboys and bushrangers don’t die, they just tell stories to each other.
  • Delving Very Deeply Primarily LOTR/Ladyhawke, but with dashes of Troy, Ned Kelly, BHD, POTC and a very special guest appearance by Mark ‘Chopper’ Read. take place at the annual Men of Myth Conference in Orlando, Florida (an invention of the most amazing Stewardess_LOTR, and a community run by perseph2hades.
  • Beyond the Far Horizon (external link) by Pecos (Legolas, Aragorn, Tolkien, many different real and made-up characters)

Authors note: This story incorporates many elements. All of them are untrue, but some are more untrue than others. It will not really fit into any one fic category, so if you’re looking for ‘easy’ this may not be your cup of tea. If you’re looking for a bit more than just good-looking men shagging and talking about shagging (not that there’s anything wrong with that) then please give me a chance to entertain you.

Jedi Smut

  • What Jedi Masters Really Think, in which Qui-gon has naughty thoughts.
  • The Obligatory Virgin Obi-Wan/Cultural Misunderstanding Story (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan) Impression 1, Impression 2
  • The Obligatory “I Don’t Want To Die a Virgin Story” (Obi-Wan/Anakin) Obligatory Virgin Story
  • A Star Wars Fable (Why Anakin Turned to the Dark Side)
  • Rebuff (This one is weird, but it’s a comedy, so give it a try...)
  • The Trouble With Ew-Wan (Okay, this one is completely off the wall, but if you’re a Ewan McGregor fan, you’ll get it. Or at least most of it. Features many Ewan McGregor characters and a very resourceful Master Qui-Gon Jinn.)
  • REC - Touch by Shoiryu (Anakin/Obi Wan) - “Anakin wants to be touched, to be reassured that he exists, and Obi-Wan exists, and though the two of them may be alone they are at least alone together.”

Real Person Slash

Lord of the Rings Based RPS

As if the books and movie weren’t slashy enough, the bloody actors paraded themselves around the set and premieres and interviews hugging and kissing and loving and mutually admiring and generally behaving like paragons of slashiness. It’s enough to make a pervy gal think. Ponder. Conjecture. Daydream. Write.

  • Five Kisses (Sir Ian McKellen/Orlando Bloom) “Curse the rain, thought Ian. Slim, young men always look so vulnerable when they’re dripping on your carpet.” [NC-17]
  • Elements (Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, hungry demon-type being) “On this one night of the year when I am allowed to feed, I can take only one... It will not be an easy choice, but it will be delicious.” [R]
  • Deconstructing Legolas by Lemur (Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood). In the first few weeks of filming and friendship, both Orlando and Elijah try to figure out this Legolas guy. [PG] Haleth’s comments: This is sweet and soothing. It’s about boys trying to find themselves. And instead of finding each other in a rampant bonkfest, they actually find themselves. Thoughtful and lovingly crafted.
  • Plantar Fasciitis (Orlando Bloom, his feet, /?) “And the idle thought about sex toys had given him an uncomfortable erection to go along with the foot pain. Just his luck.” Warning: Footsex. [R]
  • Fluid (Orlando Bloom wank!fic) “He’s wondering why he ever thought he could fool anyone into thinking he’s an Elf.” [PG-15] Suffering For His Art by Salix Babylon. (Viggo Mortensen/Orlando Bloom) Viggo has image in his head that won't leave him alone. [NC-17]. Haleth’s comments: Man. This is intense. Kick-ass writing and mildly dangerous subject matter make it a wild ride. Warning: kink, bondage, dominance (all very consensual)
  • Educational Endeavors by Salix Babylon (Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen)Orli is curious... and you know what they say about curiosity and the cat. Luckily Viggo is around to help. [NC-17] Haleth’s comments: To be perfectly honest, I thought I was tired of Viggo teaching Orlando stuff. Then I read this. Holy cow. Grammar is sexy! (And this fic puts the ‘sin’ back into syntax!) Salix is one heckuva writer.
  • Billy’s Best Series by Lemur (Billy Boyd/Orlando Bloom) Here is probably the easiest way to get to all of Lemur’s fab Billy’s Best series to date. [from PG to NC-17] Haleth’s Comments: This series starts with Billy’s Best Date, proceeds to Billy’s Best Kis, and just keeps on proceeding - straight boys making discoveries about each other and themselves. It’s funny, it’s honest, it’s fab.Warning: Billy’s a very funny guy. You’d best not be drinking anything near your keyboard when you read this.
  • Something 1 by Helena Snow-Renn (David Wenham/Orlando Bloom) Neither is looking, but they find each other anyway.Sort of. Or do they? and Something 2 The next week. They go home together. Sort of.[NC-17] Something 3 [Warning: pee!fic. NC-17] Haleth’s comments: Aiya. Orlando, David and bathroom sex. And mirror sex. Pee. Vaguely arty and vague, so it’s like you’re in someone else’s head, but not. Sort of.

Pirates of the Caribbean Based RPS

…sitting on a beach, drinking rum, thinking pervy thoughts… welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean, luv!

Troy Based RPSlash

Men in skirts. Hot men in skirts. Short skirts. Often bare-chested. Oiled skin. Smouldering. Everything smouldering. A slasher’s wetdream.

  • The Way You Say Series (aka the BanaBloom Compilation) (Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom) [most definitely NC-17 if you plan to read the whole thing...] Complete
  • The Way You Beg (a NEW BanaBloom Compilation fic) Picks up where the compilation left off, more or less.Sometimes it’s nice to not have to make a choice. [NC-17]
  • Folk Dancing by Myr (Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom) What to do when your co-star suddenly behaves like a dream come true. [NC-17] Haleth’s comments: You know, I’ve always had this thing for folk dancing. After reading this fic, I have an even bigger thing for folk dancing. And a decidedly more lascivious thing for folk dancing...
  • Ikebana (Eric Bana/Sean Bean) Drabble. Sean practices an ancient art in exactly 100 words. .[PG-15]
I am well aware of all the arguments against evil RPS. Know what I say to many of them?

Bollocks! People who make their living fuelling the fantasies of their paying fans should sort of expect to be the object of said fantasies. They take out money. fame and adulation. In exchange, we take our fantasies That said, I firmly believe in RPS with respect for the actors. I don’t believe in slashing people who are not actors/celebrities (hence not in the business of selling their body/face/image/voice for a living). And I think people should always be highly aware of what is real and what is fiction.

(Reality is what we don’t know about, fiction is what we base on actors’ performances, interviews and whatever snippets of their private lives they care to reveal/conceal).