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You may be looking for the Finnish newsletter Legolas.

Name: Legolas Greenleaf
Title/Rank: son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm
in fanon: Prince
Location: Various parts of Middle Earth
Relationships: Friend and companion of Aragorn and Gimli
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Other: Sindar Elf
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Legolas is depicted in the books of The Lord of the Rings as a paragon of the Elves, an archer, a warrior and a singer, nimble and lightfooted, wearing green and brown. He is probably several thousand years old at the end of the Third Age. In The Lord of the Rings, he attends the Rivendell Council and joins as part of the Fellowship of the Ring, runs with Aragorn and Gimli as The Three Hunters, fights at Helm's Deep, travels with Aragorn to Isengard, Edoras, Dunharrow, through the Paths of the Dead, the Pelargir, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Gondor, the Black Gate, and back to Gondor.

In the movie!verse, Legolas is played by Orlando Bloom, and adored by many movie fans.

In Fandom

Legolas is a highly popular character in fanfiction. He is mainly paired with Aragorn (a popular OTP) and Gimli, occasionally with Boromir, and rarely with other canon characters. He is also frequently paired with original female characters in the Legomance genre.

There is also abundant gen fanfiction centering on the character. Gen stories often feature his friendship with Gimli or Aragorn; they are often set either before canon, dealing with his childhood, or after canon, focusing on his sea-longing and departure for Valinor.

Legolas-centric fanfiction is sometimes criticised for portraying the Elf as feminine, submissive, romantic, a woobie, and in mpreg stories, pregnant. Legomances are often derided as wish-fulfilment Mary Sue stories.

Example Fanfiction Works




  • Beyond This World by Thundera Tiger (Fourth Age; Legolas-Gimli friendship). Dwimordene writes: This is angst done right for Legolas and Gimli, and a fitting depiction of their friendship at the end of Gimli's life.[1]
  • Dance of Terrible Grace by Adina (Legolas-Gimli friendship) Thundera Tiger writes: What I really liked about it was ... how well it defended what could be a slightly unorthodox characterization, at least according to fandom opinions.[2]
  • The Last Grey Ship by ErinRua (Fourth Age). Dwimordene writes: Probably one of the best fics dealing with the decision of Legolas and Gimli to sail for Valinor in terms of emotional impact.[1]
  • The Mellon Chronicles by Cassia & Siobhan -- Popular Aragorn-Legolas friendship series
  • Roots by Dwimordene (backstory; Aragorn-Legolas friendship). Oshun writes: Great gap filler, Mirkwood setting and backstory on Legolas.[3]
  • Tell this Mortal by Chathol-linn (Fourth Age; Legolas-Gimli friendship)
  • Young Legolas series by Daw the Minstrel -- Long influential series of stories set in Mirkwood exploring Legolas' youth

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