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Name: Dwimordene
Alias(es): Dwim
Type: fan author
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Communities: Henneth-Annûn
URL: Dweller in the Underground; @ff.net
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Dwimordene is a prolific fan author who is best known in the Lord of the Rings fandom, where she has been active since 2001.

Tolkien Fandom

Her LotR fiction is set in the bookverse and mainly focuses on Men, particularly Aragorn, Halbarad, Denethor, Faramir and Boromir. Stultiloquentia considers her Best Aragorn writer out there.[1] Dwimordene is a thoughtful writer whose fiction tends to the cerebral. Stultiloquentia again: Complicated, satisfying storylines and bullseye characterization. ... Dwim gives great friendship and understated romance and, sometimes, utterly maddeningly smouldering unrequited slash.[1]

Her hundred or so Tolkien works range from poetry and drabbles to epics. A few of her stories are set in a shared universe created by Altariel and Isabeau of Greenlea, and also shared with Soledad. She is a well-known member of the Henneth-Annûn Yahoo group and a thoughtful reviewer for the Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards.

Dwimordene's LotR stories are mainly archived at the Henneth Annûn Story Archive, with some at Lotrfanfiction.com, Tolkien Fan Fiction and her personal site, Dweller in the Underground.

Other Fandoms

Since 2007 Dwimordene has also written in the Transformers fandom. In 2011 she started to write Battlestar Galactica. Her Transformers fiction is archived at fanfiction.net.

Notable Works

  • From the Other River Bank -- an influential early Boromir/Faramir slash novel. Runner up in the Mithril Awards 2003 Voters' Choice: Best romance/erotica -- slash. Sandy Herrold writes: Beautiful, dense and suspenseful, ... has the gravity and darkness appropriate for a society inexorably preparing for a world-ending war, echoed hauntingly in a family equally at war with itself. ... This is far from kinkfic -- it's set firmly within the frame that Tolkien left us.[2] Azalais writes: One of the first LoTR slashfics I ever saw which attempted to tackle just what slash would actually mean in a M-E setting.[3]
  • Lie Down in the Darkness, Rise Up from the Ash (link) -- a dark alternate universe epic. Azalais writes: The mother of all dark LoTR AUs.[4] LDID asks what the events of LoTR would look like in a world without benevolent gods, few if any moments of eucatastrophe, and barring the Dead, almost no superhuman aid ... and the answers break our hearts over and over again.[5]
  • Spartan Letters -- Winner in the Mithril Awards 2004 Best vignette or short story. Faramir was more real to me through this piece than through even Tolkien. I'd read this before, but it never loses its potency -- in fact, with every reading it seems to get better. (Mithril Awards judge)[6]
  • Where the Stars are Strange -- influential story about Aragorn's travels in Harad. Winner of the 2005 Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards in the Men category. ErinRua writes: Of all attempts by writers to peer into the blank places Tolkien left us in Aragorn's early days, this remains perhaps the most compelling I have ever seen.[7]


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