Isabeau of Greenlea

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Name: Isabeau of Greenlea
Alias(es): Isabeau
Type: fan author
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings
Communities: Henneth-Annûn
URL: Altariel and Isabeau
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Isabeau of Greenlea (also known as Isabeau) is a prolific fan author active in the Lord of the Rings fandom since 2002. Many of her stories are set in Gondor and feature Faramir, Boromir, Imrahil & his family, Elrohir and Elladan, but she also writes other characters, notably Gimli. Her works cover most types and genres, including vignettes & epics, gen, het & slash, humour, futurefic and backstories.

Isabeau has a gift for bringing characters to life. Thundera Tiger writes: there are very few character authors who are as gifted as Isabeau of Greenlea. Isabeau embues her characters with distinctive and compelling personalities.[1] Her versions of several canon characters have been hugely influential. Dwimordene writes: I have a hard time now reading Imrahil any other way, and part of the agony of writing that character stems from trying to thrust Isabeau's Imrahil aside long enough for anything like an original voice for that character to come through for me.[2]

She is particularly known for creating sympathetic original characters, such as Hethlin from her popular epic, Captain My Captain. Dwimordene again: For me, Hethlin was the first OFC to step into the spotlight of protagonist and survive the glare.[2]

Isabeau occasionally co-writes with Altariel, and many of her stories are set in a universe she shares with Altariel, Dwimordene and Soledad. Isabeau's stories are archived at, Tolkien Fan Fiction and her personal site, Altariel and Isabeau. She is a moderator of the Henneth-Annûn Yahoo group.

Notable Works

  • Captain My Captain (link) -- popular novel-length story introducing her OFC Ranger, Hethlin. Runner up in the Voters' Choice: Best romance/erotica (het) category of the Mithril Awards in 2003
  • Repairs -- vignette featuring Gimli. Winner in the 2003 Mithril Awards for Best vignette or short story & Best characterization -- Tolkien character. An absolutely delightful vignette. The author really knows their stuff about smithing and it's great to see Gimli doing what a Dwarf does best. & We are truly looking through the eyes of Gimli, and everything we see is coloured by that. (Mithril Awards judges)[3]
  • Noble Jewel -- novella introducing her OMC Brandmir. Winner in the 2005 Mithril Awards for Best Characterization -- Original character. ErinRua writes: This story is another splendid example of how she has made Middle-earth her own, and yet kept Tolkien's own rendering of it dear and clear. Her cast of characters, OC and Tolkien's, fairly leap of the page in their vibrancy.[4]


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