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Name: Stultiloquentia
Alias(es): Stulti
Type: Writer, Editor, Reccer
Fandoms: LOTR, Jossverse, Stargate SG-1, Fullmetal Alchemist, Glee, Check Please!, Jane Austen
Communities: Tea at the Ford
URL: AO3, Dreamwidth
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Stultiloquentia has been in online fandom since 2000. She got her start on the Republic of Pemberley message boards, was a member of the Henneth Annûn mailing list and archive, migrated to LJ and then Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

She writes fanfic, meta and fic recs, and is an enthusiastic beta reader. She founded Fandom Calendar and maintains the Jossverse Poetry Masterlist. She is a member of Tea at the Ford.

Her most cherished fannish honor remains the Galvorn Award for Most Anal Retentive Footnotes in 2005.

Notable Works