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Name: Tyellas
Type: fan writer archivist
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Mad Max
URL: ansereg.com
tyellas at LiveJournal
thebyrchentwigges at Tumblr
Tyellas at Archive Of Our Own
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Tyellas is a fan writer, writing fanfiction, meta, and essays. From 2001 to 2007 she was active in the Tolkien fandom. She also wrote for MAS-Zine. In 2015 she returned to fan writing in the Mad Max fandom. In 2017 Tyellas participated in Fandom Trumps Hate.

Tolkien activity and works

In December 2001, Tyellas became involved with Yahoo groups and posted her first fandom writing there. From 2002, Tyellas posted works on her own Tolkien fansite, Ansereg. She was also involved with Henneth Annûn Story Archive. Her additional Tolkien fandom activities included the zine Ansereg - The Grey Book, cosplay, a fandom t-shirt, reports on LOTR movie launches in Wellington, and spending time with fans who visited New Zealand. Tyellas also attended and presented at The Tolkien Society conference Tolkien 2005 and wrote two event reports:

Notable Tolkien works

Some of Tyellas' fan writing was honoured in the Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards and the Mithril Awards:

Academic articles and citations

  • Warm Beds are Good: Sex and Libido in Tolkien’s Writing was published in Mallorn, the Tolkien Society Journal [1]
  • In 2005, under the name Ty Rosenthal, she presented at the Tolkien 2005 conference in Birmingham, on the topic The Arts and Crafts Movement and J.R.R. Tolkien: Middle-earth Imagery and the Philosophy of Craft. Due to the time to resolve handling related art copyrights, and communications being lost while Tyellas moved to a different city in 2006, her article is not included in the conference proceedings. The article was later published in an issue of Aiglos[2].
  • Cited in Sex, Violence, and the Body: The Erotics of Wounding[3], 2008, Burr, V., Hearn, J., Palgrave MacMillan, in Jenny Alexander's Tortured Heroes: The Story of Ouch! Fan Fiction and Sadomasochism, p. 119 - 136.

Mad Max activity and works

In 2015 Tyellas returned to fan writing in the Mad Max fandom. Her meta works focused on science and geology. She also assembled a zine of Mad Max genfic, Wasteland Souls.

Notable Mad Max works




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