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Name: Hellboy
Creator: Mike Mignola
Date(s): August 1993 - present
Medium: comic books, live-action/CGI films, animated films, video games
Country of Origin: United States
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Hellboy is a Dark Horse comic book series focused around the titular character. In 2004, a film version was released with a sequel released in 2008, with two straight-to-DVD animated films, as well as two video games. The films were rebooted in 2019.


The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (Aug. 1993).

Comics Fandom

Hellboy and Hellboy II Movieverse


Introduced in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008):


Although the main canon pairing of Hellboy/Liz Sherman is popular, the slash pairing of Hellboy/John Myers is nearly as popular. Other pairings include: Nuala/Abe Sapien, John Myers/Nuada, Hellboy/Abe Sapien, Abe Sapien/Liz Sherman, John Myers/Abe Sapien and Nuada/Nuala. Although hinted in the first film, the pairing Liz Sherman/John Myers never quite took off. Nuada is sometimes paired with Loki in crossovers with the MCU.

Hellboy Reboot Fandom

Ben Daimio (as portrayed by Daniel Dae Kim) is a popular character.

Connections with Other Fandoms

Ron Perlman, who portrays Hellboy in the original 2004 and 2008 live-action films, has a fanbase originating with his portrayal of Vincent on Beauty and the Beast (1987–1990).

David Harbour, who portrays Hellboy in the 2019 reboot, was previously known in fandom for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things (2016–present).

Hellboy crosses over with DC Comics in the 1999 comic book miniseries Batman/Hellboy/Starman. Hellboy is also a playable DLC character in Injustice 2 (2017).

Example Fanworks

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