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Synonym(s)Chosen Family, Found Family, Surrogate Family, Made Family
Related tropes/genresTeam as Family
See alsoEnsemble, Team, Nakama
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Families of Choice, also sometimes called found family, is a trope often associated with ensembles or team-based canons.[1] It involves two or more people choosing to treat one another as family in an emotional sense (and sometimes legally as well). Some works incorporating this trope may involve group marriage, but not all. Works where more than two adults are equally involved in the family relationship may be classified as gen or poly by their creators, often based on personal preference and/or whether or not there's a sexual element.[2] Other works using this trope may focus on a single pairing but incorporate multiple children, other relatives, or close friends to form an extended family.[3]

As a trope, families of choice has been explicitly requested for exchanges, including Yuletide, Purimgifts, and Festivids. It has also been used as a title for several fanworks.[4][5]

The similar concept of Nakama is explicitly invoked by fans of some Japanese canons. However, "families of choice" is also used by some members of those fandoms, as the two terms do not perfectly overlap in everyone's minds.[6]

"Found Families are Not Nuclear Families"

Some fans of the trope take issue with how some people will assign characters in a found family group typical nuclear roles, especially when they use this as an excuse to call a ship they don't like "incest".[7][8]

Examples of Families

Fandoms where families of choice are often incorporated into fanworks include:

Examples of Works



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